What’s Blooming!

I have blooms this week. Yay!  But first, work on our shed.  We really need a shed for all the outdoor stuff. Our garage is too small for anything more than the car and our bikes (and it is a tight squeeze for that). So, we need storage space outside for garden and maintenance stuff. Right now the lawnmower sits on the covered stoop outside the back door!  We decided after we sold the house that we would buy a shed. We got a 7 x 7 foot shed at Lowe’s and had it delivered. Now we need to assemble it. Eeek!


It’s going to go over on the right side by the fence.

Here is the disaster area in the back:


We also have a lot of brush from cutting everything down.  We put a lot out at the curb during the city pickup, but there wasn’t enough room for all of it, so we will be using it in our firepit as it  dries out.

I started moving the extra mulch to the back. I wasn’t going to mulch this bed while I am still working on it, but the weeds are driving me insane! I can’t keep up with it.  It looks better, actually.


My 100-pound rose bush made it through the move and a really tough winter:


This makes me really happy.

The lupine have established themselves and are growing. I don’t think they will bloom this year, though. I love the look of the leaves.


My annuals in front are really starting to grow now:


The cleome are getting taller. This will get bushier with more time.


I like these flowers. I never really had the room to grow them. Now I have all the room 😀


More snapdragons.


It’s funny that these can flop over in heavy rain and then they just start growing up from the ground. I staked this one back up after it was on the ground for a couple days and you can see the funny curve in it 😀


Now for my new purchase. With one of my gift cards, I got a David Austin English rose.  They are shrub roses that are blends of old fashioned roses and newer varieties. I pretty much only grow shrub roses or floribundas. I don’t want to mess with hybrid teas because they often require spraying and such and are too fussy for me.  Anyway, this is Fair Bianca:


I wish you could smell it, too. So fragrant!


I am over the moon about this. I now have 4 rose bushes and 2 climbing roses. Eeeeee!

Slowly, but surely.  Lori’s garden grows 😉


Other new plants added recently:  Beebalm, Russian Sage, bleeding heart and I sprinkled marigold and teddy bear sunflower seeds, which have sprouted finally.

Saturday is for riding. I think it will be the only good day of the weekend. Happy Father’s Day!

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14 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Lisa

    Oh man do you need to put the shed together yourself?!
    We need a new one. Ours is old (probably built with the house in the 70’s) and is rotting and falling apart. It seems like such a big project to redo tho.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Diagnosis: 35 Years Old

    1. Lori Post author

      Yeah, we are putting it together ourselves to save the money. Once we got the base frame done, it has been going together pretty easy.

  2. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    I wish I could smell the rose too! No sun here, so no roses. You are really moving along on the garden. I bet this is a whole different kind of settling in for you.

  3. Kim

    Do you put the shed on the ground or foundation? AND… It looks like the snapdragon is doing the limbo. Are snapdragons bulb plants?

    1. Lori Post author

      We needed to build a platform base for the shed since we were putting it on ground. If you were doing directly on concrete, I don’t think you need it. John built a 2×4 frame covered with plywood and the shed gets assembled on that. The shed has its own floor (thin).

      Snapdragons are annuals and they have the tiniest, itty bitty seeds you have ever seen! They are hard to grow from seed, but will freely seed themselves in the garden if you let them.

  4. debby

    I kind of need a shed for all my garden stuff, but I am rebelling against another shed. I have a storage shed and the doggie room. Somehow I need to make do!

    I LOVE the cleome, especially the white and pink one! I have never seen them. And I love the color of the snapdragon that is apricot and pink with a bit of yellow. Beautiful.

    That is a ton of roses on a new bush! Very impressive.
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden

    1. Lori Post author

      I need to build a potting bench to put on the patio. I don’t want too much more storage outside because I don’t want to take up ground for planting. I do have a closet set aside in the basement right by the back door for my garden stuff as well, so hopefully I will be okay. We do need to buy a new wheelbarrow, though! I have a fold up one, but the straps broke.

      I love the DA roses. They are premium roses and you can see why.

  5. Susan

    I love the pictures of your roses.
    I grow 4 rose bushes here in
    Florida.Your garden is very
    pretty and I love all the different
    plants you grow in NY.

  6. Helen

    I don’t have room for a shed but have been saying for several years we need to buy a deck box that I can throw all my miscellaneous gardening things in. Then I look at the price and think, I’ll wait until they go on sale, but they never really do… and it’s a viscious cycle lol!

    I think for your first year in this house your garden beds are pretty spectacular. Love that new rose bush you got!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Jackpot!

    1. Lori Post author

      The garden beds are looking pretty good. It’s hard to leave a mature garden like I had, though. This one will look pretty darn good in a few years! It’s exciting to watch the changes.

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