Hill riding

Wet weather was looming for the weekend, but seemed like it would hold off until the afternoon, so John and I decided to bike to lunch for our Saturday ride.  We ended up going to Warrensburg, which is past Lake George and would be around a 30 mile trip total. 


The sun was peeking out in the morning, but it wasn’t all that hot out.  I was saying to John that some people view the beach as their nirvana, but this is the view I love to look at.



We stopped in Lake George for a quick snack.



It was really crowded. There were 2 different festivals going on, one a craft show and the other a food and wine festival.  The main street is terrible to bike on.  Not bike friendly at all.  In fact, the village isn’t bike friendly. There is a great path leading to the village, but once there not so good.



As soon as we got out of town, we pretty much had the road to ourselves. We haven’t been to Warrensburg in a few years and had forgotten what a climb it was to get there from Lake George. Relentless climbing and climbing.  Tough, but a great workout!  This road had a really nice wide shoulder and since it skirts under the Thruway without having an entrance, it doesn’t get too busy.



We took a little respite after it leveled off.  John was suspicious of me taking his picture for some reason 😀



There was a nice downhill ride into town and we were both pretty hungry by that time. It was a little over 15 miles to get there.  We stopped at Willows bistro.



I had a great sandwich called the Blue Spruce panini, which had cheddar, blue cheese and thinly sliced apple.



I need to recreate this at home. John had a spinach quiche.  It seemed strange to eat lunch and not be having a cupcake! 😀

We checked the weather radar and decided we could walk around town a little bit before riding back.  Not too much going on here, but a few shops.





I did buy a couple things. Of course they have to be small to fit in the bike bag!



Then we had to get back to climbing again. 🙂   That’s what happens when you head further into the Adirondacks, I guess…  After we got the first climb done, then we sailed down that big climb from on the way there.  Hit a top speed of 29.5 miles per hour!  That is fast (for us) and kinda scary.  No pictures of this section because we didn’t stop and I would never try to use the camera at those speeds.

Through Lake George and back on the path system. Yay!



The marsh has a lot of water lilies on it now.  When I get my uber camera, I am going to bike here and sit with a telephoto lens and watch the wildlife.





This ride was certainly a workout with the hills. Even my calves were feeling it by the time we got home, which never happens.  We were glad to be able to get a good ride in before rain came, too – bonus!

Good news on those escaped prisoners as well. Both captured this weekend, one alive, one not. They were terribly dangerous men and thankfully that is over. Kudos to law enforcement for being able to find them in the Adirondacks!

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15 thoughts on “Hill riding

  1. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    I’m with you on the view, trees please! Your sandwich looked delish until I read the blue word. Ewww. My mileage stats for the day: 10 [Good number for me – last year, and even last month the longest rides were 8.]

  2. debby

    Oh wow. I had been wondering about those prisoners. I wondered how close it was to you and if it affected how safe you felt in your home.

    I love your path view as well! I would wish that I could ride all the way, everywhere on paths like that!

    I was totally grossed out about the chocolate covered swedish fish too, until I figured out they were candy, and then I wanted some of them 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s not super close. 120 miles or so away, so we were not too concerned because they appeared to be headed further north, but you never know. They were just scary, scary people to have out there. Their murders were pretty vicious.

      I wish I could ride on paths forever. It makes going onto the roads that much more jarring.

  3. Shelley B

    Yay for a good bike ride, and especially with weather that cooperated in being not super hot (plus no rain)! I prefer to bike on paths – I’ve seen too many distracted drivers to trust being next to them on the road. But then, my riding area would be pretty small…no great adventures like what you and John have!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t really trust drivers at all. A la Fox Mulder – trust no one! 😀 However, I have to deal with road traffic if I want to ride.

  4. Helen

    While the beach is my preferred view, especially for R&R, for exercise, I sure wish we had some nice paths like you have. We do have some trails but not everyone likes to run on a trail. I think one of the reasons I prefer morning running is less traffic, less having to wait at intersections. It’s the closest to a path I can get.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

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