July Goals

July begins.  There is just so much stuff to do around here event wise.  June is busy, but then everything starts getting crammed into July and August, probably because graduation was last week and now kids are out of school.  If the rain stops tonight, we hope to get to a Zydeco concert at the lake tonight.

Anyway, these are the things I want to work on this month:

1.  Making some needed doctor appointments.  Time to catch up on all the appointments that I have been putting off, particularly the dentist.

2. Read more.  I have a pile of books on my Kindle, and a couple hardcover, that I need to read. I tend to play a game on my Kindle to put me to sleep, but I really need to quit that and read more.

3. Scope out a volunteer position.  Now that things are more settled around here, I need to find a place to volunteer. That was one of my 2015 yearly goals. 

4. Try some new vegetable dishes.  I am almost embarrassed posting food pictures with so much broccoli. I do use my spiralizer for zucchini and potatoes and need to use it more, among other recipes.

Okay, that sounds good enough.  My standing goal for eating for weight loss is still in place since March, so no need to list that.

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9 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. Fran

    We get a reminder from the dentist when it’s time 🙂 My least favorite reminder of the year 🙂

    I am going to have my eyes checked when I have my vacation. I bought very cheap glasses for reading and that works but I want them checked out by a specialist.

    And as for the reading: I’m all for that, seems like forever since you did a book review.

    Overall: great goals for the month.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Wednesday July 1, 2015: Snapshots meals

  2. debby

    I always think about how much broccoli you eat. Sometimes I wonder if its had an opposite effect on me–I like all kinds of vegetables, but more times than not, I will skip over the broccoli in the produce department.

    BTW, I heard the story of Pink Lady apples on NPR yesterday! Now I want to eat some of these special apples!
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Clean Fun

  3. emmaclaire

    Great list, Lori – good luck with the veggies. And my empathy on your impending dentist visit. I love my dentist, but hate The Dentist, if you know what I mean. Eye doctor tomorrow, though, that one doesn’t bother me as much, thankfully.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

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