What’s Blooming!

Happy Independence Weekend! I only had to work a part day today, so that was nice. You just never know how much work will come in on a holiday.

With all that rain and now sun the last couple days and the garden explodes 😀

I am loving this mushroom a lot. It makes me want to make some for the back gardens, too, although there are no utility pipes back there 🙂 .


The cosmos keeps blooming. The nice thing about annuals is that they flower all summer long if you keep them deadheaded.


More snapdragons. I have always loved snapdragons.


I have a few perennials out front as well. The Agastache has more flowers on it.



I still haven’t seen any hummingbirds at it yet.  I have seen them, just not on my flowers or feeders.

This is liatris.  One of the plants I snagged from the old house in the spring.


More flowers on my little foxglove:


I love the freckled throats on them.  I have 3 foxglove plants and they are in the back of the garden bed and very small right now. So, no one can see them unless they go into the garden bed.  Or I guess all of you can see them since I put a photo up 😀

The front bed looks good for a first year:


There are 2 shrubs that are very tiny, one on each side (less than a foot tall now). One is a calycanthus and the other is a hydrangea. Then the rose bush in the middle. Those are the permanent items. The nice thing about perennials is most of them can be moved around as gardens change without much trouble.

In the back, the Enchanted evening has flowers and more buds:


My Belinda rose got attacked by squirrels. Last Saturday, I was out in the morning in the garden and everything was fine. I went back out in the afternoon and a squirrel had bitten off every single bud on that rose bush – and bent some canes.  How irritating. I may have to move the bush because it is in the pathway the squirrels always take by the trees.

The alium are getting closer to blooming!


Way in the back by my sign is the milkshake coneflower, which is also getting ready to bloom. Yay!

My butterfly bush has gotten really tall. It has one huge branch and a bunch of small ones. I had to stake it up. See how tall it is?


That’s 5 feet.  Those are buds getting ready to open as well.

Here is hoping the weather isn’t terrible tomorrow.  We have 2 parties to go to, but rain or shine – it will be a great day!



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5 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Loving your new What’s Blooming posts! I went to the nursery, but I was too hot to buy any plants. I am going to go back and get some of those Cosmos. I’ve never grown them before, and they are so bright and cheerful! Also, the Cleome(?)–I’ve never seen them for sale around here, but I”m going to ask about them. And the Liatris. I think I have some of them, but they bloom much later, and they look different than that. ARe there a lot of varieties of them? I thought allium were always blue, but those look magenta. LOL, you are my main source of garden information obviously 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Clean Fun

    1. Lori Post author

      The cleome are really popular annuals around here. They really don’t need much care at all – in fact, you don’t have to deadhead them, which is nice.

      Send me a picture of your liatris when they bloom. I think they all pretty much look the same, except some are white and some purple.

      These are drumstick alium and will be purple when they bloom.

  2. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Squirrel culprits? Really? I have tons of squirrels and never saw one eating plants. Maybe cuz we have 17 full grown oaks in the front yard alone – abundant acorns stored? Now bunnies or woodchucks, that’s another story.

    The manor is looking lovely. I am amazed at how nice your gardens look already.

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