What’s Blooming!

I has me some flowers! Last weekend one of the local garden centers had a tent clearance sale and I had to check it out, of course!  They had some great deals on plants and boy were people just piling plants into their pile as fast as they were bringing them out.  The sale was in the parking lot and people were just dragging pots over to their car and getting a receipt to take inside.  I did keep myself in check. People were grabbing willy nilly, but I wanted to make sure that I got plants I wanted and not just plants on sale LOL!  My load:


I got 6 plants for $38 including tax. Good deal. Those 5 feet tall delphiniums were only $5 each, marked down from $17! They each came with a cage, too, which is good since I would have had to buy them because they are so tall. Nothing like building a garden from gift cards, free and sale plants 😀

Here is the delphinium up close:



It is the faintest pink blush. Don’t they look like they would smell heavenly? They really have hardly smell at all, though.

I also got another agastache.  This is Tangerine Dream:


It’s in the front next to the Raspberry Daquiri.

I also got some balloon flowers (Platycodon). I have been wanting to get some, and interesting that they had dwarf ones on sale. I didn’t know they came in a dwarf variety and that meant I could get some to put in the front bed closer to the edge.

I love how the buds look like hot air balloons.


Then they pop open.


I also got a Astra pink:


In the back, we finally moved that old fencing and the posts to the curb hoping someone would take them away and by the end of the day, everything was gone – including the posts with cement on the bottom!


That meant I had to get to work clearing out the bed.  There was a broken window buried in there, so I will forever have to be careful in this bed. Here is the progress so far.


Hopefully this weekend we will tackle removing that little wall to the right there. It is slanted and really serves no purpose because you can’t sit on it.  I want to be able to walk directly into this bed from the patio and this is where we are going to put a water feature. I was the one that stuck those lilies in there 😀  I did find another flower under the window, though.


This is a gooseneck loosestrife. I have been letting things come up when I see them, and about 95% of the time I have been cultivating weeds, but this turned out to be a real flower 😀  These can be invasive, so I might pot them up and bury the pot so they don’t take over.  If anyone wants some, let me know!

My alliums are just about open:



I think these will multiply?

Finally, some blooms have appeared on Debby’s fairy impatiens!



I have 3 of these underneath what I think is a viburnum, so they get dappled sunlight.

I will have open blooms soon of my new coneflower – this is the cantaloupe supreme and I love the color that is peeking out.



Landscaping is really hard work and a bit overwhelming, especially when you start from scratch, but the rewards are so worth it!



The planning is pretty fun, too.  I feel like a kid in a candy store at garden centers.  Good thing I have to stick to some sort of budget or I would be in a lot of trouble 😀


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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. deb

    A little green with envy here Lori…. sigh.. i probably won’t get to any landscaping until next year… and the deer will keep me in check…. so far they eat everything even the things it is believed they won’t eat… and its not even a difficult year … i mean we have had so much rain and there is so much green grass and food everywhere but apparently my yard tastes GOOD… lol I guess i’ll just grow what i find they won’t eat…lol Your flowers are lovely Lori! Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..A Little Prickly…………..

  2. debby

    I love delphiniums, but have not had any luck with them. Same thing with the balloon flowers. I had them years ago, and they grew like crazy. But the last two years they were a bust. Maybe its time to move them to another bed? The new coneflower is supreme–plus, cantaloupe? What’s not to like 🙂

    All the new possibilities are so much fun. But also so much work, like you said.
    debby´s last blog post ..How Do Thin People Eat?

    1. Lori Post author

      I love my new coneflower. Of course, I love any of the specialty coneflowers 😀 There will be more…

  3. Helen

    The balloon flowers are a new one to me – never ever seen them before. Very cool!

    I want alliums. Every time I see them I want them. I just need to stop wanting and get them.
    Helen´s last blog post ..A Tea Fit for a Queen

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