Round Up of Eats!

It’s time for another round up of my eats over the past couple weeks. I really have been eating well and not over snacking. Not sure why it’s been going so well, but I certainly am not complaining at all.


I made more of the ricotta pancakes, only left out the lemon this time (since I didn’t have any).  This is topped with my apple cranberry topping:



I still eat a lot of oatbran cooked with mashed banana and egg whites. Usually topped with some type of nut butter- almond in this picture. Even though it is summer, mornings are pretty cool here in the North Country (except for this week – HOT!!!).



Of course, the twice weekly bagel.



Lunches are the usual Greek yogurt suspects, plus the occasional different lunch, like this egg/laughing cow and hot sauce wrap:



Or egg and breakfast sausage scramble:


Dinners have included these little chicken nuggets. I had meant to get frozen chicken breasts, but grabbed the wrong bag. I don’t like when companies have identical-looking bags for different products right next to each other.  So, now I have to work my way through that bag. These are pretty good, though. The side below is the baked summer squash with parmesan.


Served in a salad with BBQ sauce:



Eating out for dinner. Moe’s burrito bowl.



Nom, nom, nom…  We don’t eat a lot of dinners out for calorie and $$ reasons. We have gone a couple times to the Take A Bite downtown this summer, but those are small portions and a cheap date. Of course, football season will be approaching soon and John and I will start our football dinner bets 😀

I also recently tried a new chicken sausage. This is Al Fresco chicken with spinach and feta.




Latte!  More iced in the summer.



I also will eat either a half or whole Zone bar after a bike ride, depending on the length of the ride and how hungry I feel.  If I have a half bar after my morning ride, I will often have the other half in the evening, although John sometimes snags my half bar 🙂 The salted caramel brownie flavor is so flipping good!  It’s really a glorified candy bar, but at least it has protein in it 😀  Satisfies that sweet tooth, too.

Other treats include our cuppies:


And I have still been enjoying trying a different microbrew once a week.


Why is it that pretzels go so well with beer?  Mean Max doesn’t serve food, but they encourage you to bring in your own to eat with your beer. We have seen people come in with pizza boxes LOL.  We bring the pretzels.

It feels pretty balanced and not overly restrictive. Still making good progress. I *finally* got off pretty much all the weight I gained during the 2014 Radiance Manor closing fiasco. Yay! Even though it is slow going, it adds up over time.  May as well keep going 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Round Up of Eats!

    1. Lori Post author

      I forget about meals, too, and ones I really like.

      I prefer hot coffee as well, but sometimes it is just too hot.

  1. Helen

    I love to hear that you’ve lost that weight yet see these perfectly normal photos of real food. Nothing diety here at all.

    We also don’t eat out a lot, but occasionally will eat at Moe’s because it’s a pretty good value in both nutrition and $$. I don’t know if your Moe’s participates but here’s a hint: ours does a special on burritos on Mondays, including those bowls. For $5.99 you get the bowl, a drink, and the chips. Where else can one buy dinner for two for $12, right?
    Helen´s last blog post ..Going with the Flow to Get to the Rehearsal

    1. Lori Post author

      It really comes down to snacking for me, I guess. I have to be extra conscious of what I choose to snack on. I pretty much cut out snacking on cereal.

      I have to check on Moe’s for a Monday dinner. We usually do a weekend meal out since we do go out for breakfast every Wednesday and Sunday.

  2. Linda E.

    For our dinners this week, it has been cereal and/or eggs. I did take a summer squash and a zucchini and slice them lengthwise in half, de-seeded them and made a mixture similar to stuffed peppers, ground chicken breast, brown rice and quinoa, seasoned like Spanish rice, baked in oven, it was pretty tasty.
    I am going to try and remember your chicken salad at lunch time, I often struggle with my protein at that meal.

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