DCI drum corps show!

Surprise – no biking this weekend!  John’s birthday is this week and to celebrate, his request was to go see the Drum Corps International show in Allentown.  



It was about a 4-1/2 hour drive down there.  We checked into our hotel and then went over to the stadium.  Holy crow was it crowded!  You all know I am not the biggest fan of crowds, too.  

This show was on for 2 nights since there were so many groups and we still saw 12 bands play!  Each band does a 13 minute show.  One thing that the punctual person in me totally appreciated was how the bands got on and off within a couple minutes, even with all of their stuff. The show stayed right on track for the times of the performances, which was great. Very fast paced.




I just did a few snippets of video just to give you an idea, but don’t want to broadcast a lot of their stuff since they are in competition. Big ending from an early band:

There were lots of different themes going on. One group did a Game of Thrones theme.


I loved the colors and the costumes. Watch the rifles being thrown in this one (it comes into focus shortly)

The better bands were in the second half and wow – were they good!  My only beef was that a lot of the groups had someone singing, which is okay, but seems weird for drum corps.  I guess they have to try to do different things.  It’s amazing to me how they can run around the field and dance and still be able to play:



This group actually used real horns instead of marching horns on a stage for part of their number, and that was my instrument – so that earned brownie points from me 😀



Really good show. Long, but good.

On Sunday, we headed home after finding a local coffee shop for breakfast!



Not sure who the cartel is, but the coffee was good 😉

We hit up a really big antique shop which was fun to browse in, but I didn’t get anything.



We also stopped and visited my uncle and his wife in Pennsylvania since it was sort of on the way home. We had lunch there and a nice visit. It was great to be able to get a chance to do that.  We managed to squish a lot into about 36 hours LOL!


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  1. deb

    Gosh Lori that brought back memories of attending marching band competitions with my daughter in highschool…fond memories! Thanks for that! Your chair looks terriffic! I would have to doodle something on that chair back…. all the white just calls for it. 🙂 Hugs! deb
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