What’s Blooming!

It’s Friday!  So glad.  In trying to get this account caught up current, we are each assigned to one person’s dictations.  I have been listening to the same woman all week.  I think that is the defnition of insanity right there.  Whew.  At least she is now only 10 days behind instead of a month – so there is some progress.

Anyway, the garden is a little quiet now.  It’s time to start putting in the perennials for next year!  I planted those iris rhizomes from last week.  I also periodically check the nurseries to see what is on sale and I did find a few.  I am really, really trying to just buy for the shade garden, but when I saw these beautiful lilies, I couldn’t resist.



I love the turks cap lilies!



The David Austin rose is full of blooms now:



The bush itself doesn’t seem that much taller, but it has spread some since I put it in. I hope it grows upward like it is supposed to. I really don’t like to move roses as the roots go so deep.  

There is also another flush of blooms on the Belinda’s dream in the back:



This really could use more sun, but I won’t move it unless it doesn’t bloom next year.  Hopefully the squirrels will leave this bush alone now.

Butterfly bush:



There was a hummingbird and a sphinx moth on this plant earlier in the week.  The hummer was all over the garden, so in time I think I will have a lot more as the garden becomes more mature.

To help, I got a new plant.  This is a cardinal flower:



Do you like my crabgrass and plantain lawn?  One nice thing is that it stays green in August, unlike the grass.  Also, it grows by spreading and not upwards, so we don’t have to mow much.  Yay for weed lawns! LOL

The BES:



You can see how the eating damage stopped after I removed some bugs. All the new flowers are untouched.

The hostas are just about done blooming, but they were pretty.



I took this shot from the dining room early this morning. You can see how the hydrangea has grown funny and needs that pruning.



It is a paniculata type, so it can be pruned in the fall or spring.  I will prune it this fall.  If you have a hydrangea and don’t know what kind it is, this site is very helpful to identify it and when to prune it.  I am going to take a cutting from this one and see if I can propagate it in case the pruning goes wrong 😀

I am on the look out for some shade plants, so keeping an eye on the nurseries. I want Heucheras and solomon seal for sure, and possibly black snakeroot – hoping for good prices 😀

Flower chair


Love my flower chair!

It’s going to be a warm weekend.  We have a hike planned for Sunday morning with my sister and niece.  We are going early to avoid the heat, but hopefully the views will be worth it!

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10 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Kim

    I have had the same thoughts about my weed lawn. It stays green throughout the summer because of whatever weed is in bloom. Right now the crabgrass is A+. I’m thinking about using a lawn service for next year. Hopefully the chemicals aren’t too strong.

    1. Lori Post author

      We keep thinking about the lawn and I just don’t want to have the chemicals and stuff on it. Not to mention that I don’t want to water a lawn. We don’t now and it is green, so maybe that is just good enough. Plus I like clover 😀

      However, we do have some bare spots that need something done with them on the strip by the road, so grass seed might go down this fall.

  2. Sandi

    Love your all your flowers! Hammers have been crazy here!! I don’t even know how many 5lb. bags of sugar I’ve went through this summer to keep them happy??

    1. Lori Post author

      I made nectar once, but the hummers never went for it or the mix that I bought. Maybe I will try again now that I have seen them in the garden.

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