Beating the heat

I think today is the last day of the heat and humidity. Thank goodness. I pushed my ride to before breakfast the last 3 days. That’s always the case for Wednesday bagels, but on Tuesday and today I was up with the sun riding.  That’s early enough since I don’t ride in the dark. John doesn’t seem to bothered by humidity, so he doesn’t come out this early.




I was stopped for a few minutes taking  pictures and a jogger asked me if I was taking a picture of the sunrise 😀  I think she saw the camera pointed in her direction (and I hadn’t even noticed her at all).


She is that tiny blip on the right side of the road.

I came home and John had baked some Bisquik donuts!  I was agreeable to that for breakfast.


There may or may not have been another one on this plate…

Since we have radiators for heating, we can’t have central air in the house. Honestly, there have only been a couple days where it felt hot inside. The solid cement walls help keep the house moderated all year, which is a big change from our old house.  We have a window AC unit for our bedroom, though.  However, our basement is wonderfully cool.

It’s been too hot to work in the garden much, but I did start working on the Jenny Lind trunk in my basement work room.  I am so pleased at what a beauty this one will be.  What I thought was brass is actually copper!  I got out some Barkeeper’s friend and started cleaning the straps off.


I was saying to John that cleaning up a trunk is sort of like wiping a clean spot off of a really dirty window and seeing what is really outside.


This is going to look so cool when it is finished. And I am not selling this one. No way – even though I could probably get good money for it.  I just like it too much.

I was working on the chair to get that finished up. I just have to do the arm covers and then the piping to cover the nail heads.  Of course, Pixie had to join in and help.



I really need to tip the chair on its side to do the arms, but then Pixie curled up and I didn’t have the heart to move her (suckah!!), so I started working on the trunk. Good thing I have eighty million projects I could be working on…

Thankfully this heat is breaking just in time to have a really nice weather weekend.

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10 thoughts on “Beating the heat

  1. Fran

    I prefer exercise in the morning but not so much in the dark. These days when I do my run on a weekday, the sun isn’t up when I leave but it is when I get home. Not long before it’s dark the entire run boohoo.

    We have had lots of heat this summer and I’m actually done with it. We are getting 3 more warm days from today till Sunday and then it will be cooler.

    I am sure the trunk will be beautiful once your magic hands have taken care of it.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday, August 16, 2015: Mishmash

    1. Lori Post author

      I am not sure I will ever ride in the dark. You can get headlamps and super bright bike lights, but still. I don’t trust cars at all and I do have to ride in the streets some.

  2. Shelley B

    That trunk is so interesting – I already loved the shape, but copper detail too? Swoon!

    It’s funny what you see/don’t see when you’re out exercising. That runner was probably wary of you stopping…and relieved to see you just taking a picture.

    I’ve never heard of using Bisquik for donuts but oh man, they look good! Have a great weekend!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash – Hey

    1. Lori Post author

      I love the trunk the more I work on it. I am all about copper things anyway.

      Biquik makes the easiest baked donuts. With the little donut pain, they only take 6-8 minutes to bake so you don’t have to wait for breakfast. And it is even better when they are done when you walk in the door!

  3. Helen

    Well you know I’m all about the early morning workouts. Besides being cooler – which has been relative of late what with the high humidity – I just love the calm and quiet vs. being out when all the traffic is going.

    Our house is all set up for central air, we just need to buy the unit. I would love to do that but those $$ just haven’t been in the budget so we make do with a couple of window units as well. Plus the patio 😀

  4. Biz

    It’s funny because I heard on the radio that our July was the hottest one on record for a while and I didn’t think it was that bad! But we’ve been blessed with cool mornings which makes all the difference – this morning was 56 degrees – love it!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Simple Blueberry Pancakes

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