Getting close to my 2000 mile goal!  Only 60 something to go.  Think I need some new gloves?


They are disintegrating a little more each time I put them on! 


I was hoping to get through the season with this pair, but I broke down an ordered a new pair. I couldn’t find any gloves I liked in person, so I went online to order.  I don’t like a lot of padding in the palm, just a leather pad, which takes some digging to find. Not sure how long it will take these gloves to get here, so I will just have to make do 😀

Speaking of not being able to find stuff locally- one of the problems with owning a unique house is that standard stuff doesn’t fit. We have been looking for sheer curtains for the living room forever. Right now I have some lace things just tacked onto the window (classy…) for some privacy at night.  Well, there are no curtains that are the right length, which means I would have to hem them or just make them.  So, I hauled out my sewing machine, which I haven’t used in probably almost 15 years!  I had forgotten how to even thread the darned thing:


Thanks to the magic of the internets, I found the manual online and actually got it working again.  I have material and am going to try to do my own curtains.  Are you scared? I am! 

Tonight kicked off the weekend balloon festival.  They had opening ceremonies and a small launch at Crandall Park, which is about a mile from our house, so we could walk there.  Yay for no parking issues!!


I took the Rebel with me to get some pictures.






About 20 balloons went up tonight. We have company coming this weekend and will hopefully be able to go to one of the bigger launches if the weather holds out. It’s not supposed to rain, but it could be too windy for the balloons to go up.

Downtown extended the festivities with music and some classic cars:


I think it would be fun to drive or ride in one of these, don’t you?



Now it is time for the Broncos to hopefully beat the Chefs Chiefs!  And try to sew some curtains – eep!

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12 thoughts on “Balloons!

  1. Kim

    Sorry Lori, but I gotta root for the Chiefs. I’m hoping for a touchdown pass from Chase Daniel to Jeremy Maclin.

  2. Shelley B

    I’ve sewn valances, but curtains seemed like a lot of material to wrangle, so I left that to the expert (aka my mom). Good luck with your curtains, I’m sure they’ll be great!

    What a beautiful day for a balloon launch! Fun event to be so close to your home; hope you get to see some more this weekend!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  3. Biz

    Yep, I am discovering the same thing Lori – I need to replace four more windows but none of them are “stock” size so that’s going to cost $$ but I need to get them replaced before winter so I figure it will save me in the long run with lower heating bills. You are the craftiest person I know, so I know the curtains will turn out great!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Korean Chicken Fingers

  4. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Oooh, hot air balloons! I loves ’em. I also like the sound of them going overhead when you hear the whoooosh of the burner going on for a second and then abruptly off again.

    I have all confidence your curtains will come out great – good luck!

  5. Fran

    The balloon photo’s are beautiful with the blue sky in the background.

    Sewing curtains depends on what you want to do with them. If you want a fold in them, it can be difficult. I used to be a great sewer, I even made my own clothes but I have lost interest for it. As for the curtains, just try on some fabrics first to get the feeling for sewing back.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday September 19: Mishmash

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