Moons and anniversary

Wasn’t the moon beautiful on Sunday night? We actually were thinking there was going to be cloud cover and we would miss it, but luck would have it the front slowed down and we had good viewing. I used my 300 zoom lens to get some pictures.  It’s not easy taking pictures of the moon, it turns out! I was frustrated at the haze I was getting. Thanks to searching on the trusty interwebs, I changed the settings on my camera to aperature f/11,  speed 1/125 and ISO 100. That yielded this shot:


Of course, Sunday night was also Broncos football and we were dividing our time between the game and the moon!  I had the camera on my tripod. It became harder to focus on the moon as it went into eclipse and I would just fiddle and take a bunch of shots, hoping that one would be in focus.  I had to change the settings as the moon got darker when it stopped showing up in my picture. It took a while for it to dawn on me that I needed to change the setting again.   😳 I set the timer at 3 seconds (very slow – tripod necessary and remote trigger), the aperature to 5.6 and the ISO to 6400. This was the best shot. 

blood moon

You can actually see 3 stars in this picture as well if you look closely (noon, 9 and 7 near the edges). Slow shutter speed let the light in enough for those to show up. I was happy with getting a handful of good shots out of this. Of course, a bigger zoom lens would be great, but I will need to save some pennies for that.  I truly am enjoying my new camera!

On a miscellaneous note, we pulled out fall decorations and set up the mantle.


I do love fall. It seems like the shortest season of the year, but it’s the same length as all the others. I think because at the end it feels more like winter!

My new cycling gloves arrived and they fit perfect! Plus they are fun.


They have that all important terrycloth thumb covering so I can wipe sweat. There is still enough time for some fall riding to put these to use!

John and I celebrated 19 years of marriage yesterday. I have known him almost half my life now. We met at age 24 and got married at age 28.  We don’t exchange gifts, but we did go out to a nice dinner.  We tried Sushi Aroy Dee, which is a Thai restaurant down the street. It’s only about 1/4 mile from our house and our first time there.

Thai iced coffee:


We split an appetizer that had potatoes, curry and I think green onions in it? With sweet and sour sauce:


John got a vegetarian sushi combo. It had all kinds of veggie sushi rolls on there with a side of tempura vegetables (not pictured). It arrived in a giant boat!


A+ for presentation.  Not a bit of meat in that boat either, isn’t that interesting?

I decided on a curry. This is Massaman curry that has carrots, sweet potatoes, onions and peanuts in a coconut based broth, which I added scallops to.


This was delicious. We would go here again for sure. It’s pretty reasonable price wise.  The best part was sharing it with my hubby <3

Our next round of company arrives on Wednesday. I wish the weather would be a little better, but we sure do need the rain. Here’s hoping there will be some fall color to show off by early next week!

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12 thoughts on “Moons and anniversary

  1. Helen

    I love Thai food – not so much sushi but the actual food. I’ve had that appetizer and they remind me of Indian Samosas. Yummy!

    Your moon shots are really very, very good. You should be proud.

    Congratulations on making 19 years – may you have 50 more!
    Helen´s last blog post ..I Am a Commitment

    1. Lori Post author

      I love Thai food. Like you, not the sushi as much (which I consider Japanese anyway). It seems all restaurants around here do Thai food with sushi. I personally love the curries – massaman and panang!

  2. Shelley B

    Your new gloves are cute! I laughed at the terrycloth thumb sweat wiping – that’s one thing I like about winter running, wearing gloves that double as sweat wipers. 🙂

    We had cloud cover so it’s nice to see moon shots from other parts of the country. You’re doing good with figuring out the camera’s settings, too!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..WWU – 9 Miles!

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