What’s Blooming!

I still have blooms!  And not just fall blooms, either. I had to sneak outside during a break in the rain to get some photos, so everything is going to be wet!

The Fair Bianca has more blooms on it now than it did in June when I first got it. This rose smells amazing, too. It meets all criteria for me in a rose: reblooming, fragrant, hardy, disease resistant. Guess that is why it is here in my garden…




The moon flower has more buds on it.  We had a really, really cold night that got into the 30s last week and it nipped a lot of mature buds, but some of the tiny ones survived and now are ready to open.

moon flower

I like the mature buds as much as the open flowers!

Debby had sent me some foxgloves and I also had some from Bluestone that I planted. I was expecting them to flower probably next year, but I looked out the other day and saw a spike growing!


This is called Pam’s Choice Split. I am excited about the blooms because that means seeds and more flowers for next year! Hooray for free!

pams choice

I need to get in the bed when it is drier to get more photos of this. My pantlegs got all wet from brushing against stuff.  The things I do for this blog.



My mums are looking good for fall:




I also got some kale, which I have in small pots:


Not a huge fan of the kale, decorative or eating 🙂  It does have nice color in the fall, though, and it lasts into frost.  And it does have pink in it for the pink picture!


The Breast Cancer Site

The front garden is fairly bursting with unorganized color and I love it.


It wasn’t until later that I noticed one of my mum pots had fallen off the hay bales. Can you spot it?

We will have a typical fall weekend around here. There are lots of festivals around and I will be on the hunt for some fall color with my camera!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Wow! LOTS of blooming still going on in your yard. That foxglove from Bluestone is pretty. There have been some new varieties of foxglove at the nursery that have quite an intense color, but I have resisted so far.

    I like that moon flower bud too. And I love the qualifications of the Fair Bianca. They don’t have it at Jackson and Perkins. I have a credit there, need to order something or other.
    debby´s last blog post ..A Foodie Report

    1. Lori Post author

      J & P has the Enchanted Evening rose! That meets those criteria as well. The Fair Bianca is a David Austen rose. I bought it from a local nursery. Not sure how much they are sold online or not.

  2. Susan

    I love your Fair Bianca rose such a unusual shape for a rose.
    I grow roses too here in Florida. I have 4 bushes and so far they
    are still blooming and producing roses.Mine are the good smelling
    kind too. Down here we get roses all the way through till mid December
    when we usually get our first cold snap then they are done till late
    February. We don’t get fall colors down here so I will have to
    live vicariously through you so take some pretty pics this weekend
    for us your blog readers.

  3. Helen

    So pretty! My knockout rose is blooming like crazy too. Benefit of a mildish fall I guess.

    I haven’t bought any mums or pumpkins yet. This might be the year I just let those things pass by. Your display looks great.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Meandering

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