Weekend ramblings

Seems like weekends are never enough time. I have plans for all that needs to get done, but rarely get to it all.  

I was out on Saturday for a nice bike ride. It was a little cloudy in the morning, but low 50s and enjoyable.


I had to wear more layers than earlier this week.

WP_20151107_005 (2)

I put a filter on that picture and my teeth look blue. I don’t have any clue what I’m doing with filters 😀

John was away this weekend and I spent a lot of time with Mama Radiance.  We went to a craft show where I bought Christmas gifts.  I am on a roll with gifts!  I would show them, but the recipients might be reading 😉

We stopped for coffee at Spektor. We went in the back entrance and they had a large mural painted on the building of a coffee roaster.


Isn’t that cool? I wish it could be on the street front to see it more often.

Couple more of my 365 group pictures.  Saturday was Strings and I took a picture of my guitar using macro.


I wish I had thought to dust off the guitar first. I don’t touch the body that much at the neck. I like this shot and I find it interesting how the strings look wider when they are out of focus. I don’t understand why that is. So much to learn with this camera, but I am loving it so much! I really should have bought it sooner.

Sunday’s prompt was Crave.  My mom met me for bagels on Sunday morning. 


Blueberry bagel. It was tasty.

Crockpot for dinner today and to make a couple meals for this week. I made this chili, but used Morningstar Griller Crumbles so it would be vegetarian for John to eat when he got home.  I love how easy it is and so tasty!


Eaten in front of the TV while watching the Broncos. Too bad their unbeaten streak is over 🙁


The last purchase of candy corn until next October.  This was 75% off, too!  Must ration carefully. Can I please have a couple more weekend days?

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17 thoughts on “Weekend ramblings

  1. debby

    LOL. I succumbed to the discount candy corn today too… Brach’s 🙂

    Your picture and the rain outside tonight is definitely putting me in the mood for chili!

    So glad you’re getting to bike. I see on the sign that you can do snowshoeing and X-C skiing at that reserve. Have you ever tried that? Think of all the great pictures you could get for the blog 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..This ‘n’ That

    1. Lori Post author

      We have thought about the cross country skiing. We need to find some used skis and give it a shot. I did cross country once and enjoyed it. I did down hill once and hated it. Snow shoeing is too hard LOL!

      1. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

        It’s been years … okay, decades, since I skied. I too hated downhill and loved cross-country, but only if the trails were groomed – meaning there were cross-country tracks to slide in. Never liked the skating method.

        Really enjoying your 365 photos.

  2. debby

    Long ago I tried downhill a couple of times and loved it! Then I tried cross country and hated it–too hard. I’ve never tried show shoeing. I’ll take your word for it that its too hard 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..This ‘n’ That

  3. Helen

    I thought of you when I walked in the store the other day and they had stacks of candy corn with a sign that said “12 cents per bag.” I did not succumb but wanted to just based on the price!

    We’ve been spoiled with the warmer fall and had such a cool down overnight when I walked outside for my run this morning I was confused. I went back in and put on a much heavier jacket then ended up being too warm. Like you grateful to be able to be outside and not on a machine!

    You’re getting some great shots with that camera even if you don’t understand it all yet 🙂
    Helen´s last blog post ..Hashtag Fail… But All Is Not Lost

    1. Lori Post author

      I think it is dumb luck on some of the photos. Sometimes I can figure out what I did and other times I think how did that happen? Maybe this winter I will take a class if I can find one locally. I thought about online classes, but really think I need a hands on for the camera.

  4. L

    That chili looks yummy! So glad we are getting an extended fall in NEPA. Summer wasn’t all that long…

  5. Biz

    I wish weekends were longer too! My Mom and I are going to a crap (craft) fair in a couple weeks. We call them crap fairs because when my niece was little when we told her we were going to a craft fair she said “I love crap fairs!” and it stuck ever since. 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..Fun Weekend

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