Powerball and Vintage hunt

Can you believe no one has won Powerball with all those millions of tickets sold? It’s crazy. Just shows how infinitesimal your odds are for winning. I did buy a ticket though. It’s fun to imagine what you would do with all the money and think about how it would change or what you wouldn’t want to change. One thing for sure if I won would be that I would stay anonymous. I would not let them say my name or have any pictures of me.  

I saw this in my FB feed and it makes me laugh:


It’s kind of sad how many people spend tons of money on tickets. The odds are so small that there is no point in buying more than one. And these are usually people who really can’t afford to drop $50 on lottery tickets.

One of those things I would do with even a fraction of that money would be to spare no expense to restore some of the stuff in Radiance Manor to original parts. We headed down to check out another architectural salvage place in Albany to see what they had.


It’s sort of a mixed blessing these places exist. It’s great to have this as a resource, but sad that some wonderful stuff has been torn out of old homes. Anyway, you know warehouses like this have to have a shop cat, which I made friends with right away, of course.


Right when we walked in, I saw the exact same sewing table that I got for our vanity:


Except it had some missing trim and the top has chunks out of it. Not to mention that it was $100.  I bought mine for $25 and I don’t think  the above one would have turned out as nice as ours :


Not-so-humble brag. 😳  Usually you find things cheaper after the fact, right? Funny how this time was the opposite. Yay me!

When we gut the master bath next year, my hope is to be able to get a clawfoot tub in there. I am not sure we will be able to get an old one like this or go with a new one. It all depends on size and whether or not we can get a cast iron tub up the stairs (although one came out in the past, so it must be possible). 


A couple of these tubs were in excellent shape and wouldn’t even need refinishing. We’ll have to see in a year what is available.

We do know that we can get replacement radiators here, which is pretty awesome, but hopefully that will never be needed.


Doors and windows galore!


We hunted around looking for the size door we need and I just don’t know if we are going to find a 29.5 inch door. It’s too custom. So, we will have to buy 30 and trim down – kinda scary. Again, that’s further in the future, but this place is a goldmine for that stuff.

Tons of door knobs. 


I kind of like the white enamel, but I have a thing for the crystal knobs, which they only had 1 left. Guess everyone else likes them, too.

This is a pretty awesome stove. If there was some way to modernize it and actually fit it into our kitchen LOL



We also hit up our usual suspects like Restore, but came home empty handed. Shopping salvage or thrift is like that. Many times you end up empty handed, but when you score, it’s usually good!


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17 thoughts on “Powerball and Vintage hunt

  1. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Can you actually stay anonymous? I thought that wasn’t an option usually. There is one particular game in MI that I heard you could stay anonymous on, but not even sure that is true anymore. Maybe it’s a state thing? Showing my lottery lack of knowledge here.

    If it’s of interest, I saw a claw foot tub that is somewhat undersized and not made out of cast iron. Made out of something lighter, a composite I think. It was on one of those tiny house shows. Which I watch with a mixture of horror and admiration.

    1. Lori Post author

      In NY, the bill is pending to stay anonymous, so I guess if I win Wednesday you’ll see my picture 😛

      You can get an acrylic clawfoot tub, which is what we might go with just for ease of moving and installing a tub. They are so much lighter than the cast iron. I couldn’t really do the tiny house thing. I love the storage ideas they have, though. Tiny houses only work where you can have the outdoors as your living space all year round, I think. I would go stir crazy in February snowed in a tiny house.

  2. Shelley B

    That store is really nice – what a fun place to go on a treasure hunt!

    I saw that same Powerball picture on FB today and cracked up. Maybe for this next round I’ll buy a ticket. I know some people who went in with coworkers, putting in $40 each toward their pot of tickets. That seems pretty crazy to me, but then, I know the odds of winning are so low that I’d rather spend a buck on a ticket and the other $39 on yarn…
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash – North Carolina Recap

    1. Lori Post author

      Tickets are $2, so you would only have $38 left for yarn 😀

      I’m with you. One ticket and have fun imagining.

  3. debby

    What a neat store to explore. I love older stoves. And I used to want a claw foot bathtub. But they’re too deep for me now. Oh, and I used to have this idea that I was going to build the studio around a bank of old windows like that. There’s not a place around here like that that I know about. Thanks for sharing your adventure!
    debby´s last blog post ..Happy New Year

    1. Lori Post author

      I really, really want the tub. We won’t know if it is possible until we rip out the old flooring and see where the drain lines go. Since it is a concrete slab, if the drain isn’t in the right spot, we probably can’t put one in (unless Powerball LOL). Then we will just go with a walk in shower and not have a tub. We aren’t that concerned about resale value. I just don’t want the shower/tub combo.

  4. Helen

    1 ticket is all it takes to win so I buy 1 ticket usually. I’ve done my fair share of daydreaming as well because someone has to win it eventually, right?

    I need a couple of closet doors in my house and have never gotten them because they are custom sizes. I’m not brave enough to buy one and trim it so it’s one of those expenses that keeps getting put off. Every time I see those open closets I curse the people who took them off!
    Helen´s last blog post ..7.2 Pounds

  5. Fran

    It was all over the news here too. I read that there’s a chance of 293 million that you win it. We have 2 big lotteries here. One is anonymous, it is never told who won it only in what “state/province” the winning ticket was sold. At the other you have street prices and they drive a huge truck in the street and they go by all the houses that have won. There’s even a TV show around it. R. sometimes buys a ticket in the first lottery. The other one we don’t play.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday January 8, 2016: Photography project

  6. Biz

    I saw that online for the lottery ticket – so true! I would set up a non-profit cooking school for kids to learn how to cook in grade school so that they can be taught at an early age that fast food isn’t the answer. I’d also start my food truck, I’d travel!

    But the chances of me winning is the equivalent to me getting stuck by lightening while a butterfly lands on my nose!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Skinny Pork and Apple Breakfast Sausage

  7. Roz@weightingfor50

    Brag away!!!!! The vanity is GORGEOUS!!!!! (and such a great deal!)
    You know, I don’t get these MASSIVE lottery jackpots. Nobody needs that much money….why not break it down into smaller chunks and change WAY more people’s lives that just one winner.
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Time to move…..

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