Friday sundries

Not a lot going on to blog about really. Same old, same old. Same routines, mostly the same food. Lots of either oat bran or blintzes for breakfast:


Same old exercise of most walking on the treadmill, some biking on the trainer and actually some outside when it feels warm enough.

We have had snow. Most of the walks are clear, which is good, but the ones that aren’t after only a snowfall or two are really frustrating for what that means later on.  My little mushroom is peeking out from the snow here:


I used that for a prompt on my 365 photo group for “misplaced”. 😀

With fresh fallen snow and you can see the number of squirrels we have around here. 


I have a squirrel proof birdfeeder and it works really well, actually (Squirrel Buster). The squirrels mostly just come and eat the seed the birds spill out of it as you can see by all the prints centered under the feeder.

Jenny Lind progress taking place. The wood is 150+ years old, so I put wood conditioner on it before staining. It is soaking up the stain, too. This is one coat on the bottom part:


Two coats on the top. The slats are a walnut stain and the body of the trunk is Bombay Mahogany by Minwax. It has a beautiful red undertone.


I actually am using the Minwax polyshades with the polyurethane in it (like I did for the vanity), but I am going to coat the whole thing in satin finish after. I don’t want it shiny. I need to order some handle and get fabric for the inside liner. It’s starting to come together now!  With some crappy weather coming in tomorrow and a weekend of playoff football, I will be working on this in front of the TV 😀

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10 thoughts on “Friday sundries

  1. debby

    I am in a little bit of a breakfast rut. Not excited by all my regular options. So those blintzes look extra tasty to me. I searched your blog for the recipe, and discovered that they are already made, frozen! same ones you’re using now? Anyway, I will look for those. That appeals to me with fruit topping. Plus, easy. Thanks for sharing! I always get good food ideas from you.
    debby´s last blog post ..The Dog Pod and Me

  2. Carol

    I’ve been searching for the blintz recipe as well! Was about to ask about that then saw these comments. Will look for some in my local store. Is there a brand you prefer? Are they filled with something? Have never had one.

  3. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Ha! Your toadstool makes me smile as much in the snow as in the summer.

    Just spent a while perusing the Golden website. I have to try these, they might be a good option for when my usual breakfast of homemade granola isn’t available. (Because someone didn’t get around to making it.) I always have some sort of fruit I could top with; thanks for the idea!

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