Thursday Things

It’s nice that it’s Thursday already. This week has gone by fast.

Today I started week 3 of Couch to 5K. I can’t believe I have done 2 weeks already. Does the passage of time scare anyone else? It’s like rocket speed.  Anyway, this week’s intervals are:

5 minute warm up/ 1.5 minute run/1.5 minute walk/ 3 minute run/3 minute walk/1.5 minute run/1.5 minute walk/ 3 minute run/3 minute walk/ 5 minute cool down.

Again, not too bad for the longer runs. I still have trouble with how slow running and walking seems compared to biking. You don’t go very far in a short amount of time, and it’s kind of boring on the treadmill. However, I did have my Journey Pandora station playing, so it wasn’t so bad. Usually I watch This Old House, but I didn’t feel like having the TV on today.  If it wasn’t raining, I probably would have been outside. 

It’s amazing to me the difference a year makes. Last year at this time we had a big snowstorm and with how cold it was all winter, there were just piles and piles of snow. This year we have bare ground. March is next week and I will start looking right away for the tulip bulbs to start peeking out because March means spring, right? Even though they don’t bloom until April and May LOL.

Ms. Pixie has been struggling to get completely well. On Monday she seemed so much back to her old self that we both remarked on it. Then on Tuesday night she started having trouble again with urgency and bloody urine again – and she was still on antibiotics! So, Wednesday morning I was back at the vet. I have to say they have been great about having me just bring her right in.  Anyway, it seems she has a really tough bacteria that won’t clear out, so they put her on a broad-spectrum antibiotic this time.


This one she really doesn’t like. It’s been a struggle getting in all in her mouth. I’m going to try mixing some with her food, but she doesn’t really go for that kind of stuff (very finicky eater). Hopefully this will do it. If not, more x-rays for her. I told the vet I was going to start an Instagram account for Pixie so she could start earning some money to pay for her medical bills 🙂  

The amazing thing to me about animals is that no matter what you do to them, they still love you. I have been dragging Pixie in and out of the carrier, taking her to the vet, putting her through surgery, back to the vet, squirting medicine into her mouth every day and she still loves me. I took this picture while I am writing this post:


You think she would hate me, but it almost seems like she is more needy now. And yes, she lays across my arm, which makes typing interesting.


The things we do for our pets, right?? 😀

Remember the master cleaning list thing we made up for deep cleaning? The house was divided into 6 zones and we got through all of them. It doesn’t take long with both of us working together and it’s only once a week for the deep cleaning. We just started back in the first zone this week and you know what? It wasn’t as dirty! Imagine that.  It didn’t take as long and there were a lot less dust bunnies under the couch and a lot less dust — which is a great thing for someone like John who has asthma. So that gives us incentive to make sure we keep to this schedule. The system works!

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Molly

    I’m sorry to hear that Pixie is struggling. I’ll send her some positive thoughts just in case they can help. My cats hate that particular antibiotic too & I didn’t have any luck mixing it with food but hopefully, you will.

    I keep my housework on a schedule similar to yours. It does help keep things from becoming too much to do at one time.

    I’m wishing you all well.

  2. Sandy

    Oh poor Pixie. It’s sad when our pets are feeling poorly. We’ve been discussing pet insurance as an option for when we next get pets. We’re not going to bother getting it now as our girls (labs) are 12 and 10. Well done with your couch to 5k success so far.
    Sandy´s last blog post ..Applying Mindfulness

    1. Lori Post author

      We have had Pixie almost 9 years and this is her first serious issue. She has only been in for her rabies shots. Guess we are paying the piper now.

    1. Lori Post author

      I feel bad for Pixie because it has been a tough few weeks. I need to send you those seeds. They are almost like dust, so I am assuming there are seeds in it LOL!

  3. Fran

    I hear you on the things we do for our pets. Hopefully Pixie will feel better soon.
    Not sure if Bella still loves me though, she keeps giving me that look: “what have you put me through for the second time” 🙂

    You haven’t heard from me about running, I haven’t run all week. I don’t want to leave the house at the moment if R. isn’t home. I expect that I can run on Sunday morning when he is home. After next week Bella will feel much better and I can leave her alone for a little while. You are doing great though.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday February 25, 2016: Snapshots meals & update Bella

    1. Lori Post author

      I’m sure Bella doesn’t think you did it. She just hurts, poor girl. Don’t you wish you could speed up time for them to feel better?

  4. Helen

    This winter has been so weird, my daffodils and lilies are sticking out of the ground already! I hope they manage to make it to blooming since there is no guarantee we won’t have more snow. I’ve always wanted crocus but where I would plant them is generally covered with snow until April as we live on the non-sunny, snowy side of the street. This year I definitely could have had them.

    I feel bad for Pixie. I’m sure she loves you because she knows you are doing your best to make her better.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

    1. Lori Post author

      I saw my alliums coming up in December! Those likely won’t pull through. I covered them with strawin hopes that they will make it, so who knows.

  5. Alissa

    Poor Pixie. 🙁 I hope she gets better soon.

    I have been trying to keep up with the organizing and cleaning in the house. With a child, I’ve found it really helps if I get everything back in order at nap time and before bed–otherwise, everything just falls apart. I need to do a deep clean though!
    Alissa´s last blog post ..Weigh in Day: A Loss!

  6. Shelley B

    Weird winter, indeed – and I’ll take it, except for the freaking tornadoes in North Carolina, right near where my son lives!!

    Here’s hoping Pixie turns the corner with her problems – poor thing!!!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  7. emmaclaire

    Spring is definitely springing around here. I thought of you this morning when I ordered some echinops on-line that I’ve been wanting for a couple of years. When I was browsing the website (‘cuz it never hurts to look around, right?), I thought “Hey! Lori will be starting up some What’s Blooming Fridays soon!” I always look forward to seeing what’s going on in your garden. I was wondering if you have a favorite on-line supplier for things like that, or if it’s just better to find a local nursery?

    Hope you have a great weekend and that Pixie responds well to the new medication, poor thing.

    1. Lori Post author

      If I can’t find plants locally then I will get them through usually Bluestone Perennials. They have great service and stand by their plants. I’ve only had a plant die once and they replaced it without question. I have the echinops and they do well for me here. I had tried them in IL and I could not get them to grow for whatever reason (I’m thinking bunnies).

      I want to start up the what’s blooming again, too! Although I am thinking of changing it to Wednesdays so more people see it.

      1. emmaclaire

        Coincidentally, I ordered my echinops through Bluestone as well – nice to have a recommendation for their products! What’s blooming will be enjoyed any day of the week, I’ll just have to get used to it not being almost the weekend when I read it 🙂

  8. Lisa

    I’m sorry that Pixie is ill! My cat has been ill too and took an antibiotic for what might have been a urinary tract infection. Hopefully Pixie will feel better soon!

    My cat lays on my arms while I’m using my laptop, except I call it laying on my hands!! Funny to see someone else who has a cat that does the same thing 😀

  9. Paula

    Time goes too fast. When I was young my father told me that as we age time goes faster. At 52 it is a blink of an eye. Sounds like you’re doing great with running. I know exactly how you feel about speed going from the bike to the pavement. I just started runner no last year. Kind of a bucket list thing. Do a 5k. Now I find that I love how it makes me feel. I still love bike riding too. Some coworkers are going to do the 100 mile ride in Door County Wi. I would have to do some serious training for that one! I hope Pixie is well.

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