Biking in February!

We had a really nice weather weekend to end February with. Temps got into the low 50s on Sunday! Woohoo!  Sunday was quite the exercise day, too. We walked to breakfast and my mom joined us:


We discussed riding our bikes later in the day. John’s was in the garage. Mine was up on the 2nd floor attached to the trainer, plus I had my C25K training day today, but 50 degrees in February?  How could I not take it down? This means it’s down for the year because I don’t want to drag it back upstairs and all that stuff. 

It felt so great to be out! I had a big silly grin for the first mile, and then — Flat.


This was totally on me, though. My tires are really old. Near the end of last year, I skidded out and got a bald spot on my tire, so I swapped it out with another old tire I used for my trainer (which was an old replacement itself). I just wanted to finish out the season and then use that tire on the trainer. The idea was I would buy new tires this spring. Little did I know I would be riding in February! I just pulled the bike down, inflated the tires, checked the brakes and all that and we set out.

Anyway, this tire has thousands of miles on it and when I checked it over looking for the reason for the flat, there was a hole all the way through the tire:


I had forgotten this tire had a patch on the inside and it wore through that as well. Yeah, you’re not supposed to see daylight through the tire.  😳  My bad. So, we put a couple patches inside and out and put in a new tube. I decided to stick close to home and let John go ride wherever he wanted.  I ended up with about 5.5 miles – in February!


And look at that – bare ground in February, too. It’s crazy!

Now I have 2 new gatorskin tires on the way arriving this week, so I’ll just leave the bike off the trainer and change these out. Hopefully we will have lots of March riding. After I got back, I went and did my C25K workout outside. That was weird, I will say LOL. Very active Sunday.

Pixie update:  She is back to her normal self now! She still has a few more days of the antibiotic, but now she is using her litter pan properly, running around, talking to us and eating a lot. She seems to be feeling good now. It’s wonderful to see her eating again. She had lost weight from all of this.  Poor Pixie had a rough few weeks and it’s good to have her back again. Thanks so much for all the well wishes for her.

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19 thoughts on “Biking in February!

  1. Molly

    So glad Pixie is feeling better! I confess I was worried since you did not post on Friday.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend biking even if it was a short ride.

    Wishing everyone well.

  2. Fran

    Wow! This must have been the shortest period in Winter that you had to take a break from biking outside. So happy for you. I might have missed it but did you set a biking goal for 2016?

    So happy to hear Pixie is back to her old self.
    You asked if Bella was still on meds and yes she is. We are worried though because she hasn’t pooped yet. Called the vet today and it can take 7 to 8 days before that’s back to normal so we have to be patient 🙂
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday February 25, 2016: Snapshots meals & update Bella

    1. Lori Post author

      This was the shortest period ever. Latest ride last year 12/26 and earliest ride ever 2/28. Crazy. I didn’t set a biking goal this year. I am trying to make sure I get good cross training in with biking, hiking, strength training and running (hopefully).

      It’s the pain killers that cause the constipation – same as in people. She’ll regulate soon enough, but that probably doesn’t add to her feeling good.

  3. Shelley B

    Yay for Pixie feeling good again! Poor kitty…what an ordeal she’s been through!

    Love that you got to go for a bike ride in February! Glad you have new tires ordered; may this be your only flat of the year!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Here’s Your Extra Day!

  4. Helen

    Love, love, love! Everything has finally melted around here, even that stubborn patch I had in my front yard. I am hoping the only kind of snow we see from this point forward is the weird, wet, spring kind that melts immediately!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Five Fantastic Things

  5. debby

    what a difference a year makes, huh? I think last year you had to wait a couple more months before you even saw bare ground, much less got out on your bikes! Gardening’s next 🙂
    debby´s last blog post ..Breakfast Boredom

  6. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    So happy that Pixie is perky again! We are to get another 6″ of snow today, so no biking for me yet.

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