Biking season officially open

It was a nice weekend here. I actually was off work for the whole weekend, which was really, really nice. It’s been over a month since I had that. Saturday was pretty cold, but I got it started off right with week 4, day 2 of C25K.  

This was 5 minute warm up, 3 minute jog, 90 second walk, 5 minute jog, 2-1/2 minute walk, 3 minute jog, 90 second walk, 5 minute jog, 2-1/2 minute walk, 5 minute cool down.  It’s not bad, really.  I don’t know if my leg has settled into whatever and it doesn’t bother me so much a few years later or what, but I’ll take it. The real test will be the 20 minutes jogs in a couple weeks. I think that will tell me if I will be able to keep going.

We decided to go out for lunch on Saturday after some errands. We had a coupon and stopped at The Silo.


This is a fun place. It’s a reconstructed old barn and silo (d’uh) and the inside has a restaurant and a big store.




They also make cider donuts in house, which smelled amazing, but we resisted 😀  My lunch was a ham, turkey, swiss and cranberry sauce on french toast bread.


Sort of like a monte cristo, but not deep fried 😀  I was so hungry that this tasted really good.

The rest of the day was project time. Pixie has been back to her old self, and I think even better, really. I think those bladder stones must have been making her uncomfortable for a while and we were probably thinking it was more aging than something more being wrong.


John took the old board off the radiator and make a more solid radiator cap for Pixie to lay on and I covered it with some leftover fabric so she has a lovely new perch to enjoy.

My new tires arrived ready to be put on the bike on Saturday:


These are gatorskins and they have a beaded rim, which helps seal the tire to the rim and prevents stuff from getting in there to pop the tube. These are also a little harder, which means you go faster with them, which I can use LOL!

Once these were on, that means the bike is off the trainer for the season. Good tires don’t go on the trainer.  Bike season is open now!!!  

Sunday was the day to test out the new tires. It was still chilly, 40 degrees, but sunny. We bundled up:


These little white gloves underneath were clearance at Target for $1.75 a pair. They have the special threading on the index and thumb so you can use your phone without taking the gloves off. John got a pair as well. 

It was a much more successful ride than last weekend with the flat tire 😀  These tires work great and both of us are in decent bike shape already – most likely because we were riding into December.  Yay!!!


13 miles done and feeling good. Still need lots of work on the hills, but it’s only the first week of March.  We will be riding this week with warmer temps and I’m pretty excited about the spring so far!


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24 thoughts on “Biking season officially open

  1. Sandy

    You are such an inspiration Lori. I love how you have changed your life so much and so love being active. Bravo girl! That shop looks awesome. Those pottery pie dishes are just glorious. I wonder what Miss Pixie thinks as she sits in her spot and gazes out at the world each day? I wonder does she notice things outside or is she content inside her own little daydreams….
    Sandy´s last blog post ..Prednisone, the wild ride

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks, I don’t feel like much of an inspiration LOL.

      I don’t know what Pixie thinks, if she even does 😀 – she just knows to enjoy the moment, which I suppose we can all take a lesson from.

  2. Shelley B

    The glazes on the pottery are just gorgeous! What a fun place to browse through. 🙂

    Gator skin tires sound tough! And those gloves – I swear, you can’t beat Target clearance for gloves.

    Pixie is looking beautiful, and I’m sure she appreciates her pretty new shelf.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Eat the Chips, Don’t Eat the Chips…

  3. Helen

    What a fun place! I think I might have been tempted to buy a cider donut as dessert…

    Isn’t it exciting that winter seems to be nearly gone and outdoor exercise season is here? I can’t remember the last time we were snow free this early!

  4. Fran

    Woohoo for biking season! Look forward to the first cupcake ride.

    That’s a really nice shop to wander around.

    I have to take a step back at the C25K program. I haven’t done much the past 2 weeks and I can feel I’m out of shape. I started with walking on my own last Saturday and now it’s time to pick up the C25K program.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday March 4, 2016: Snapshots meals

    1. Lori Post author

      You can do it – you just have to get out there and get started. That seems to be the hardest part.

  5. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Aww I’m glad Pixie is doing better. It’s hard sometimes when you can’t actually talk to your pets to know what is wrong.

    Hurray for biking already! I would take this winter again every year. It’s been just wonderful. I feel very lucky. I want to try planting more roses this year and might need to do more brain-picking with you sometime since my last plant died before the first season was over. 🙂
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Spring is Just Around the Corner

  6. Pubsgal

    Glad that Pixie is feeling so much better, and that you were able to get out and ride so early!

    The Silo sure looks like a fun place to shop and eat! Before kids, we used to go to Michigan to visit my husband’s family in the fall, so that we could go to the cider mill for donuts and cider. Now we have to time it with summer vacation, but that is pretty fun, too – good lake swimming, warm weather to make the lake swimming appealing, and some delightful ice cream places.

  7. Alissa

    The Silo looks like a place I would enjoy visiting. Do the gloves work? I’ve bought a few pairs in the past and for whatever reason they didn’t work!

  8. Biz

    Hooray for biking season! I snagged up a bunch of winter hats and gloves that were all .50 cents at Wal-mart. I’ll probably forget where I put them by next year, but at least it was a good deal! 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..Happy 24th Birthday Hannah!

  9. Dawn

    Hi Lori,

    So very happy to hear Ms. Pixie is doing well and even better than before 🙂 I’ve been out taking some walks with the family so I get ya about being back outside more now with the beautiful weather 🙂

  10. Paula

    I will need to do some research on those tires. Last few years my husband seems to get flats due to small sharp rocks that seem to find their way to puncturing the tube. I am in envy that you are bike riding so early! We are excited about getting on ours soon.

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