Solo riding

Daylight savings – ugh! No matter which way it goes, it messes me up for a while. At least it’s lighter out later now. More spring like  😀

Painting has  begun in the exercise room. We went with one shade lighter on the green than the samples and I really like it. I don’t know how well this picture shows the color.


The room is in shambles and Pixie was underfoot. 


John calls her my shadow.

We had a great weather weekend. I went out for a solo ride on Saturday (as John was gone) and took the Rebel with me for pics. I wanted to see how far I could get to Lake George if the paths were clear of snow and ice.  The temps were in the mid 50s when I went out. This is the time of year when you can see things you ordinarily don’t. We pass by Round Pond all the time on our way to Lake George, but the foliage covers it up. This time of year you can see it:

There was a fair number of people on the path. Everyone was happy and friendly, too! Must be the weather.  The bike path was clear and dry for a long time. I was starting to get my mind set to being able to make it to the LG Baking Company for a treat 😀

Climbing hills – my first hill ride of the season and my legs felt it. No matter what you do in the off season, you get deconditioned to hills. I made it up the steepest part without needing to stop, although I was going really slow.


After this, the climbing is more gentle until you get 2 miles from the lake. Then you rocket down for 2 miles into town.  Only when I got the top, I saw this.


So, all that climbing and I missed my downhill reward:


And my treat. I thought about getting around the barrier because the trail is never closed to cyclists – and actually I have never seen this barrier before, but then I wasn’t sure what lay beyond that. If any part of the path was still going to be icy and snowy, it would be this last bit in the forested area. So, I played it safe and turned around.  At least I got to go back down the other way. 

I stopped on the way down for pictures – since I obviously won’t stop on the way up LOL! You can see some remains of snow here.


The little stream bed over the edge had a lot of run off.


This is usually a much smaller stream.


Some happy cyclists taking a break:


The marsh all wide open. There were a lot of red winged blackbirds staking claims here.


Not a terribly long ride, but a good one for early spring:


My legs felt pretty good, although tired from the hills. I need to be riding that route a lot more so we can gear up for the 40 mile cupcakes rides!

Happy rider!


We were out again on Sunday riding as well (along with C25K training – tired legs tonight). Here is Pixie wishing us a good ride as we were getting ready to leave:


Either wishing us a good ride or just enjoying the sun 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Solo riding

  1. Shelley B

    Now see, as a runner, I would have just climbed over that gate and kept going. I’m super impressed with your ride – even with being deconditioned for the hills, you made it up without stopping, which is awesome!!!

    Love that Pixie shot. You know she was just waiting for you guys to leave so she could go check out the painting progress…
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..FMM – I Met Biz!

    1. Lori Post author

      I was close to going over, but it would have sucked to get half way down and half to turn around from ice. Still a good ride, though. The short off season helped with being able to do longer rides earlier – so yay!

    1. Lori Post author

      She was being so cute at the window. She had been following us around the house wanting attention and got up into the window when we were getting the bikes ready.

  2. Helen

    How fun to be riding so much so early. I’m a big fan of this early spring but with you on the UGH time change. It always takes me a couple days before I feel correct again.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Just Say No

  3. Lisa

    What a nice sunny ride! I think you should get Pixie one of those things that people put their little kids in and tow behind the bike. I think she’d love it. 😀
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Yep, Still Waiting

  4. Pubsgal

    Wow, that is a good ride! Probably better to play it safe on a potentially icy trail, though.

    And I like the room color! Not too “cool” but not too “warm” either – and not orange, which I think is supposed to stimulate one’s appetite!

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