C25K update

Couch to 5K update:

I finished week 5 of the program today. I actually didn’t check to see what was coming up, so I was a little surprised. I hadn’t done the program in years, so I forgot this week had 3 different days. Last Thursday was:

5 minute warm up/ 5 minute jog/3 minute walk/5 minute jog/3 minute walk/ minute jog/ cool down.

Day 2 (Sunday) was: 

5 minute walk/8 minute jog/5 minute walk/8 minute jog/ cool down.

Then I checked before I went this morning and saw it was a 20 minute straight jog. Eeeep!  That made me a little nervous. I haven’t run that long in years. I was able to do it outside, which was great. When the jog started, it didn’t feel really great (but it never does) and I wondered if I would get all the way through. I toughed it out and did it all. 

My leg felt about like I expected, which is the same as when I bike for a long ride. So, I will keep on going!


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12 thoughts on “C25K update

  1. emmaclaire

    Way to power through, Lori! I’m so glad you’re able to be successful without the ghosts of injuries past rearing their ugly heads. And doesn’t running outside make it all just a teeny bit easier? I’m grateful for treadmills, but, boy howdy I sure do love my outdoor runs!

  2. Paula

    Great! The most I have ever attempted to run is a 5k. I just started running last year at 52 years of age. I enjoy what is is doing for my body & health. I am concerned about injury though. Seems like all runners get one. I am not sure I could ever do 25k, but give you so much credit taking on the challenge.

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