Friday Fun Day

Just some random stuff today! Nothing blooming because… nothing is blooming! It’s been cold and damp and we even got a little snow. Plans are being made, though. Not to mention, I have been really, really busy with work lately and it seems I mostly do that and haven’t had oomph to blog. 



Busy at work is good, though. Means I am making money and now more is coming in than going out like last month. My job is feast or famine and right now I am stuffing my face 😀


I like Facebook, but this is one of those times where it starts to really bug me.


I guess that’s the problem with FB, it’s just right in your face without asking for it. I’ve hidden a few people and unfriended some. I would imagine they haven’t even noticed…

Does this ever happen to you on the internet? 


This happens to me too often. I think I find a site a couple years later that I have forgotten about. 

Our local coffee house is trying to have a sense of humor:


I think it maybe is funnier after breakfast and coffee? 

John made pizza for dinner tonight and then we went to Lowe’s. It was like the perfect date night! This is how I feel when we go there, though:


I need a vacation, obviously. Guess I will have to settle for a bike ride on Saturday 😀

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. Helen

    I have done that internet thing so many times that I finally downloaded an app to keep all my websites with passwords and logins. Now when I get that message, I open the app. Just too many sites and too many things to remember them all.

    Hope you get to have some time off this weekend.
    Helen´s last blog post ..8 Miles then Brunch

  2. Lynn

    Lori, Those signs are funny, like the coffee sign and the Lowes. It’s true that most DIYSers know more then the help there.

  3. Sandy

    Some of the memes out there are pretty good. I think the whole world feels your pain about your elections. Our news is full of it and I have friends in Asia and Europe who have made the same observation. Hopefully you’ll wake up this morning to lovely riding weather. Have fun whatever you do!
    Sandy´s last blog post ..15 Minutes in the Garden

  4. Leah

    I would certainly click the “please hid until after election day” button on FB. 🙁

    Funny randomness today. I hope your bike ride is enjoyable.

  5. Jody - Fit at 58

    Hilarious shares!!!!! Seeing we know nothing about home stuff, that is not us but i know it is you!!!! 🙂

    Ah, the election stuff. So many of my followers are opposite me.. makes it all tough & with the crazies on one particular side – makes it hard not to say anything! 🙂

    Have a wonderful bike ride!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 58´s last blog post ..Mocha Protein Loaf, Easter Funnies

  6. Fran

    Late to the party but catching up on blogs. This post makes me laugh.

    I don’t post political stuff on the internet so no need to unfriend me 🙂 although I keep up with the elections in the US, it’s worrying.

    Hope you had a great weekend but I will catch up on your other blogs later today or this week.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday March 26, 2016: Snapshots meals

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