No work weekend.

I took the whole weekend off from work and it felt pretty good! I worked Friday, but not Saturday or Sunday. Most times I work at least part of one day or both days, but not this weekend. 

Saturday was chilly, but I bundled up for a solo ride. I look interesting, I’m sure, but at least I’m warm!


It was struggling to get into the mid 40s. There was warmer biking weather at the end of February!

I took a new loop and went by the West Mountain Ski area. This is all that’s left:


It was a pretty sorry ski season this year. There was just not much snow this year and they probably had to make the majority of it to put on the runs.  This is only 7 miles or so from our house, so if I wanted to try downhill skiing again, I could. I didn’t like it when I tried it in Colorado.  Maybe tubing would be more fun.

Not a bad early  season ride. 


Think I’m ready for 25-30 mile rides now. We just need the weather to cooperate on the weekends!  

Sunday was a great weather day, but we had an early afternoon dinner to go to.  I made the vegetable tian:


If you haven’t made this dish, do it. It’s super easy and tasty. Even I like to eat it with all the different veggies!

We also brought along this seltzer because it was just too intriguing to pass up:


So what does a unicorn kiss taste like?  We couldn’t decide. It seemed like a berry mix to me. John thought watermelon and other people thought something fruity. I don’t know if anyone loved it, though.  

We had ham, pasta, the tian, green bean casserole (which I don’t like, so not on my plate)


And a lovely fruit salad:


Then it was the game Apples to Apples and dessert, which I forgot to take pictures of. Probably because we were just laughing too much! Or maybe I ate too many mini peanut butter cups…


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  1. Shelley B

    Ahhh, it’s nice to get a good recharging, relaxing weekend in! One of our runners was bike riding with us on Saturday, and she was wearing way more layers than we were – at first I thought she was overdressed but then remembered about the wind resistance.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..My Wrist Saga

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