Lake ride!

Last day of March! Just in time to have cold and snowy weather coming in for April. WTF, Spring? Quit it!

Anyway, there have been connection issues with work and my VPN for the past few days- which is how I remotely connect into the office. It’s been up and down and after going down yet again this morning, I said screw it and went for a ride hoping they would get it straightened out while I was out.  I  knew there wouldn’t be riding this weekend with rain and snow coming in, so I decided to head on down all the way to the lake for the first time this year.  The last time I tried riding there, the trail was closed 2 miles from the lake, but it’s open now.

This was one of those rides where my Accuweather app was saying rain in 90 minutes when I left the house, so I was playing ‘beat the rain’ for this ride. Although, I will say it really should be not-so-Accuweather since they seem to be wrong a lot.   Arrival at the lake in the late morning:


It was fairly breeze out, so I was surprised to see the lake looking this calm.  Here is one of the unused beaches:


Much too cold for swimming, but there was somebody trying to flyfish out in the lake. That must have been cold, even in waders.


I had a snack for sustenance:


All too soon it’s going to get busy and crowded with tourists at the lake, so it’s nice to enjoy the quiet:


I have a new bike seat, too. I wore my other one out and the brace broke on it. It’s different than my old seat and hits in different spots, but it’s pretty comfortable – as comfortable as bike seats get anyway.

I checked the app and it said rain in 45 minutes, which meant I shouldn’t dilly dally and I headed home. It never did rain 😀


20 miles done. My hill legs feel pretty good. I think the short off season helped with that and getting a decent amount of riding in March. I will definitely be ready for Saratoga rides in April, barring crappy weather for the month (JINX!).  I biked about 165 miles in March compared to 0 miles in March 2015. 

I saw this meme on Pinterest and it just seemed like me, right down to the pink jacket!


Good thing I rode 20 miles because we went out to dinner tonight:


I hardly ever eat burgers anymore unless we go out and this one was tasty! I probably could do with another 20 miles of riding…

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12 thoughts on “Lake ride!

  1. Shelley B

    That’s incredible, how many miles you were able to ride this month compared to the same month last year. And how nice to get out before the tourist season and get to enjoy your area without the crowds!

    That is one tasty looking burger, indeed.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update

  2. Sandy

    You are so fortunate to have roads and pathways so accommodating to cyclists. I love reading about your rides and particularly looking at the scenery. Hopefully the snow won’t ‘sit on the ground’ – is that the right term? So you can be back cycling again next week. Finally, our nights are cooling down. It’s 4.30 in the afternoon here and is actually quite pleasant. Our days still peak over 30 celcius and it’s been very humid. Usually March is cooler. I look forward to seeing how many miles you get in this year. Love the meme!
    Sandy´s last blog post ..Progress

    1. Lori Post author

      The paths are nice. The roadways can be a pain because drivers just don’t like cyclists, even if you are obeying the rules of the road 😀

  3. Helen

    We really have been lucky lucky lucky with year’s winter. I ran outside so many more times, even in January and February than I had for the past two winters. I think it’s cruel of spring to send winter back for a visit.

    Dang that burger and fries look delicious!

    1. Lori Post author

      We have been lucky. My tulips are now where they were at the end of April last year. I hope this cold and yuck isn’t too back, but then again – it is April and we have been spoiled!

  4. Karen

    What is the brand and model of your new seat? Always looking for something more comfortable.

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s a Nishiki Women’s Sport. It’s a touch wider than my old seat (Fuji) so I was concerned about new rub areas, but it’s been easy to get used to.

      1. Lori Post author

        I do hope to upgrade again at some point and really want to try the Terry Butterfly, but it’s $200, which was out of the bike budget right now seeing as I just bought the new tires.

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