Holy wind, Batman!

**I am trying to fix my blog and wordpress because of issues so you can see photos again. I will be back to posting again when I get it straightened out. Excuse the look while this happens**

Thursday turned out to be pretty eventful. It’s been a crazy weather week, that’s for sure. We had a few inches of snow early in the week and it was really cold. Today was warm enough to bike, so I got out this morning before the rain came.



There was a bit of snow in the shaded parts of the path, but it was mostly clear.


I had stopped here because my account supervisor texted me. Sigh… Can’t ever get away 😀

It was really getting windy, too. I did 12 miles and it was a tough slog! But I biked.

The rainy weather came after noon and then about 4:00, the rain started coming really hard and the wind picked up.  It got to the point where I started to become very alarmed that it could possibly be a tornado and I was worried about all the trees in our yard.  Then it was gone and there was a lot of damage.

The tree across the street:


Our fence took a beating. When I first took a picture, I didn’t even notice our neighbor’s garage upended!

IMG_2213bAfter things settled down in the evening, we walked around. Everybody was outside walking around surveying damage. This is around the corner from our house. Our fence fell over into their yard.


This is the house with the flipped up garage. We talked with the owner and she is just happy her house is fine. Like she said “It’s just a garage”. We offered her the use of any of our tools and stuff if she needed it, along with our labor.


WP_20160407_009Lots of huge trees went down. This road was blocked on both side of the intersection. An identical tree fell behind where I took this shot


This is a monster tree that went down and just missed the owner’s house. The branches were covering the front porch, but the house looked okay.


We saw a few trees leaning on roofs, but it seemed not any major living space damage and nobody seemed hurt, thank goodness.


Lots of cleanup to be done and roads are closed in spots from trees.

Our poor fence is toast. It was old and we were hoping to get another couple years out of it, but I guess not. We may not be able to replace it this year. Insurance isn’t likely to be worth the amount our premium will go up to have them pay for it.


Wavy fence:


We have this part tied back up with rope now until we take it down very soon.


Now I will have a sunnier garden than last year :O

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14 thoughts on “Holy wind, Batman!

  1. Sandy

    Oh wow Lori that looks like the wind tore through in strips. When we have cyclones or even bad storms the wind bounces so it hits areas in patches and causes spots of damage eg. takes out trees but leaves the house next to it. You can see it clearly on farms wher it bounces through the orchards or sugar cane only damaging certain things. Such lovely big trees to come down too. Happy your house wasn’t damaged and it sounds like no people were hurt either which is always good. Hope you don’t find any more damage over the coming days.
    Sandy´s last blog post ..A Lovely Day Out

  2. Susan

    I couldn’t get the pictures to come in but I saw one you posted on Facebook yesterday. I’m just so glad you didn’t get hurt. Do they know yet if it was a tornado or just straight line winds? I guess you have a basement to go to if you are under a tornado warning?
    Take care and be careful during the cleanup that’s when a lot of people get seriously hurt that survived the storm just fine.
    Hope your weekend is calm and sunny!

  3. Helen

    So, so glad you guys are OK. These things are annoying but at least no harm to humans!

    We had that same wind over the past days and sure enough on Wednesday it totally peeled back a section of the roof on a building my boss owns. Which meant the rain got into the building, of course. Again, annoying but no one was hurt.

    I am ready for spring to stop being schizophrenic and settle down!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Not Much Wiggle Room

  4. Shelley B

    That was one hell of a storm!!! All of the huge trees down, my gosh…amazing they didn’t destroy any houses or vehicles on driveways, really. So glad no one was hurt.

    Sorry about your fence. I have to say, in 30 years of homeownership, we’ve never voluntarily replaced a fence…it’s always been because of storm damage. So you’ve got company in this unfortunate event. 🙁
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..FMM – Runners Wedding

  5. debby

    Waaaa. None of the pictures are showing! But I did see a couple that you posted on FB last night. You are lucky that none of your trees came down. That upended garage was really something!
    debby´s last blog post ..Good Bones

  6. Jeannie/Qlts2Slo

    Yikes! Where have I been? I can’t see the pics either, but the text is horrifying enough. So glad you’re okay and your house itself withstood the storm.

  7. jody

    yikes, that’s alot of trees down. thanks for sharing these awesome pix. glad you made out ok.

  8. Lisa H

    Glad you’re OK and relatively unscathed! Crazy weather! Fyi pics are now showing properly for me as of 10-04-2016 11:00 PM.

  9. Debby

    Lori, thought I’d mention that even though I can’t see the pictures on my computer, I can see them just fine on my kindle fire. Weird, huh?

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