Breezing through

It’s Thursday already. Geez. I feel like I’m a hamster in a wheel with the working and always having a million things to do. This is supposed to be a lighter week at work and it feels busier LOL. Trying to get up the gumption for blogging, but it’s that same old stuff, really.

I had a few comments on the new header picture for the blog. I took that when we visited North Creek last fall. the retaining walls were all being mosaiced and they are gorgeous! It’s not a finished project yet.



IMG_0976bI just zoomed in on the section with the bike.


The weather has been a bit warmer, so back out on the bike again the last few days. Last week was pretty chilly. I’m stylish when I go out, too. 😀


It’s still been very breezy this spring. I had a bit of a tailwind on one section going down a hill and check out the speed I clocked!


That’s 53.6 km for metric peeps. It’s a little scary going that fast. It’s always in the back of my mind that I could hit a rock or bump and go flying. I’m very familiar with that road, however. I wouldn’t go that fast on an unfamiliar hill.

We’ve definitely been getting a lot of exercise in. It doesn’t seem to make the scale budge at all, though. That’s been pretty frustrating. I have to say it’s actually kind of depressing me. I have an appointment with my GP in early May, so it’s time for more blood work again. Sigh.

I think I may have found my new volunteer mission. I will be going to the historical society on Friday to talk to them and see if I like the fit. I’ll post more about that next week.

Gotta takes pics for the garden stuff for tomorrow 😀 Nothing blooming yet, though.

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5 thoughts on “Breezing through

  1. Ruby

    Can’t wait to see how the garden progresses, I admit I like no fence in the back. I have been getting in walks but will start bike riding this weekend I can’t wait.

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