What’s Blooming!

I actually have a couple blooms today!  But first – some new blog news. I have been wanting to talk a lot more about gardening, but I don’t want to bore the people who don’t like gardening – unlike you Friday people!  I’ll still be doing the Friday garden posts here — and my regular life stuff, but I will be posting about more specific things during our garden renovation progress and will be a little more professional (?). Lots of photos, too. Anyway, it’s called Bloom Crazy and you can click on the link for it if you would like to visit and tell your gardening friends!

Anyway, back to here. It’s been a lot of clean up so far. It looks like the majority of my plants made it through the winter. I’m not sure about my agastache and one of my rose bushes (the 100 pound one), but it’s still early. Some plants wake up late.  I took a picture from the back garden bed to the house:


Do you like how John and I garden together? He reads and I weed 😀  This picture shows a good view of our walkout basement. Those windows in the middle are the ground level of the first floor in the front (the dining room). It makes the house seem huge — and it is pretty big, actually. The right side of the picture is the garage (ground level) and the basement storage room. I love having a walkout basement. Love it. We have alarm sensors on all those basement windows for security, FYI.

This is the only view I don’t like without our fence:


Not the best view of the back of our neigbhor’s house. If we were to put something up, it would be here. This might be a good area for trellis. That’s the shade bed, or now the partial shade bed!  Most of my astilbe and heuchera are coming up, which makes me happy.

John spread some corn gluten crabgrass preventer over the whole lawn front and back. It’s supposed to be a safter alternative to prevent the crabgrass from germinating and in 6 weeks we can plant seed. It just looks like these big granules.


This means we won’t have much of a lawn for a while since the majority is crabgrass and plantain. We are Klassy around here.

I pulled out the decorative chairs from the shed and put out some pansies.


I also got a new birdbath for out front. Cost? $0!!! When we bought our new artifical Christmas tree, it added a bunch of points to my garden center reward card (Hewitts). When I bought the pansies and the birdbath, they told me I could use the points for my purchase. That was a happy surprise! You know how I love a bargain.

It’s nice to see some blooms.




It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend around here. I’ll get a lot of work in the beds done and a nice bike ride. Cupcakes are a little too far just yet, but we’re aiming for 30 miles on Saturday.

Don’t forget my new blog!

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9 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks. It’s full of all my pictures 😀 Interesting thing is that blog is parked under my findingradiance hosting account and there have been no issues with the pictures. I don’t get it. I’m still having problems with photos showing up in RSS feed with this blog.

  1. Debby

    This will be fun for you to document your garden progress, and fun for us to follow! Your house looks HUGE in that picture! I hope your rose bush makes it through.
    Debby´s last blog post ..Garden Doings

    1. Lori Post author

      I figured not everybody wants to read garden stuff all the time, so that’s why I did it – and to document in detail what’s going on. Our house is pretty large. It’s annoying to only have a 1-car garage, but better than none in a house this old!

  2. Helen

    The weather lately is making me want to put some plants out on the patio but I’ve been afraid. It is 32 degrees here this morning :/

    That photo of your blooms is making me think I’m being overly cautious!

    Yesterday, I managed to mulch around my knockout rose and lilies, which is pretty much the extent of my “gardening.” I totally thought of you when I was doing it lol!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten: Yes.

    1. Lori Post author

      Pansies can take the cold. If you see them in your local garden store (not the big box) then they can take being outside. And of course, if I have them out – you certainly can where you are.
      I just couldn’t resist the colors!

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