30-mile ride

Getting that mileage up already. This weekend’s weather was amazing! It really felt like early June. Crazy April so far – it started really cold with snow and now temps in the 70s. It felt great, though.

Saturday we decided to go for 30 miles. We thought briefly about going to Saratoga, which is a little over 40, but seeing as long rides have been about 20, that would have been too much.  We decided to pad our lake with ride some extra miles.


Wave hi to the people, John!


It was warm up until we got the the lake itself. It’s usually cooler there, but it was also breezy and probably 10 degrees colder! Brrrr. Glad we had jackets along.  Tourists are starting to arrive and some of the seasonal businesses are opening up.


We stopped at the Lake George Baking company to pick up a treat and then got some coffee here:


Isn’t it funny that they sell coffee and gelato at an olive oil company? Anyway, I had a cinnamon twist that had chocolate rolled into the center:


This was sooo good! The LG Baking Company is going to be opening a satellite store a few miles from our house soon, which is big trouble.

The lake:


You can see how choppy it is from the wind.

The boats are just about ready to start for the season. We will be taking a cruise in May celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary.


No flowers yet, so no worries with this sign.


While the temperatures felt good, it still is pretty brown around here.


Don’t you love the telephone poles smack in the middle of the path? Going the other way, it’s a downhill run to these and a pretty good clip, too.

And home:


Ride stats:

Total miles:  30.9

Top speed: 32.4

Average speed 11.4 mph

Calories burned:  976

This was the right amount of miles to do. I was ready to be done. If we had tried to go for 40, I would have been sore and tired. I think a couple more weeks of good riding and I’ll be ready for 40.  The average speed was a little slow, but my hills legs are still building and the speed will come for those. We ended up with about another 18 mile ride on Sunday and it’s feeling great!

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11 thoughts on “30-mile ride

  1. debby

    That sounds like a really fun day, getting to the lake and enjoying it before too many tourists arrive! And the coffee treats look pretty darn good too!
    debby´s last blog post ..Garden Doings

  2. Helen

    Your lake weather sounds like what we had. I’m always looking at inland CT this time of year wishing I was there as they tend to be about 10 degrees warmer than us. But still, it was just so nice to see the sun for consecutive days – and the weatherman said “put away your snowblowers” which made me really happy.

    What a great ride and good think you listened to your common sense, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do when the weather gets good!
    Helen´s last blog post ..I Feel Bad About My Waist

  3. Shelley B

    OOH, that looks like a new twist on a cinnamon twist! I’d love to try it.

    Wonder what was there first, the telephone poles, or the path? I’d be a little nervous about paying attention while riding on that path – I’ve been known to walk into poles in my lifetime…
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Dear Readers,

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t know which came first, but judging on the poles not being quite upright, I would say they are older than the path? This goes through marsh, so maybe this was the only dry area. It’s kind of stupid, though.

  4. Lisa

    Um, that telephone pole is ridiculous! Who’s idea was that?? LOL
    Btw I love the new photo on your blog header! It’s great!

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