What’s Blooming!

Lots of tulips going on around here!


The path is getting close to being done:


This angle looks like a big wrench or something 🙂  John has put down the filler and stones. Now he has to find the loose areas to pack in sand. The maple trees have been dropping all those tiny green things that are all over the bed now. It’s a mess. Next is putting the slate down under the bench.

New tulips this week. This is a double flowering one called Carnival de Nice:


The double tulips are sometimes called peony tulips because they look like them (Captain Obvious).

This one is Cilesta:


The Repel All spray seemed to work since the squirrels didn’t get the rest of these. Yippee!

Apricot impression tulips:


Queen of the Night and Catherine:


The Queen has this velvety look to the petals:


My neighbors  or any passing motorists probably think I’m pretty weird always out in the garden beds crouched down taking pictures.

Lawn violets


My fringed bleeding heart is blooming, even though it is really tiny!


“Regular” bleeding hearts will die out after blooming, but the fringed one will stay green all summer long and bloom, too. I have some of the others, but they aren’t even close to blooming yet. One of them is white, too! Can’t wait to see that one.

More weeding to do this weekend in the garden bed to get it ready for planting.

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8 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Kim

    Dang, John makes nice paths. Did he mortar between, or just sand? I like the wrench – symbolizes you two are DIYers.

    1. Lori Post author

      John’s pretty awesome all around 😀 He used a paver material. It’s not as fine as sand, but it’s not pea gravel either. The bag says something like Step 2 on it. He laid down the fabric and then did the paver filler and set the stones in it. It takes some adustment to get the stones settled and even, otherwise one end will pop up when you step on it a little. That’s the fiddling part.

  2. debby

    That Carnival de Nice is really nice! But of course, my favorite is the Apricot. So glad you are getting some good garden weather and results!

    The maple balls are different. The Japanese maples put out these little helicopter-looking seed pods. This year there are more maple seedlings than ever before, because of our nice rain. Oh, do you want one? They are just the common Japanese maple. Still smaller than a normal maple, I’m sure.
    debby´s last blog post ..The Biggest Loser

    1. Lori Post author

      I can never decide what my favorite tulip is. Usually it is whatever is the last one that started blooming 😀

      The maples will put out the helicopters too, platoons of them, but these things that come down are like the little cover over the leaf buds. Or something. They are a mess.

  3. Paula

    Those tulips are gorgeous. They are my most favorite flowers. Your garden is beautiful.

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