Saturday riding

Happy Mother’s Day!  We went out to Panera for breakfast with my folks this morning. It’s always good to visit. She even shared her gift from my sister’s family:



Saturday turned out to be a great day weather wise. That meant a ton of outdoor time!  I was up early working on the garden bed. John was gone for the day, so I did some solo riding. The clouds broke and it was so nice to see the sun after days of cloudiness!


Happy Lori.


The farmer’s market has moved outdoors for the summer, so I cycled there to see what was up.






Could you imagine me biking home with hanging baskets? That would be interesting. Lots of good stuff at the market. I picked up a couple goodies for later in the day.

I stopped at home and went back out again for another loop. It was mostly road riding for the day.WP_20160507_017b

It was also getting cloudier, too. It ended up raining overnight.  Rides like the one above are nice thinking rides. Nothing too surprising and you can see for a long distance in front of you, so I tend to think a lot.



Kind of a nice maintenance ride.  I had my treat that I bought at the market. Cookies! They were kind of small, so I got two 😀


With some coffee.  I spent the majority of daylight hours outside on Saturday (with sunscreen). That was great!  I got a lot of garden work done.


You can see all those little maple bud things – it almost looks like pollen:


It gets everywhere, too. Starting to put some plants in the bed now – and I got my tippy pots out.  Nothing in them in this picture. We need to do the stone under the bench, but it’s coming along nicely. Our neighbors seem to appreciate all that we’re doing to the house.

One last picture:


The Carnival de Nice tulips fully open. Hope your weekend was great!


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15 thoughts on “Saturday riding

  1. Kim

    I thought about your neighbors after your last post. They must be so grateful to have neighbors who are improving the house and giving them such nice landscaping to look at.

    1. Lori Post author

      The guy that lived there before used to run a used car business and had cars parked on the lawn and stuff. So anything we do is an improvement LOL

  2. Paula

    That Veg Cafe menu looked fantastic. I could eat lunch there everyday. Our farmers market here don’t go outside for another couple of weeks. I just recently got my bike out of the basement & have ridden the last 2 Monday’s after work. I get in a 15.5 mile ride but you did 25! Wow!

  3. Helen

    Lucky you to see the sun and get outdoor time. I think we might finally get a break in the weather today. Even yesterday, when it was supposed to clear up, we had a rain clipper that came through at like 3. Blah. Tired of rain and grey skies.

    I suppose the fact that you are on a bike keeps you from buying a lot but the market and the cafe look so nice it would be tempting!

  4. debby

    What are those things next to the onions/shallots at the market?

    Such nice straight roads there–I don’t think there’s a single road like that in this entire county!
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden

  5. L

    I love Kohlrabi, and the turnips look yummy, too!

    Nice work on the face of the house. I bet your neighbors are tickled pink!

  6. Fran

    Lovely ride Lori and I love that farmer’s market.

    I used to do all my shopping at the grocery store but a couple of weeks ago I found out that there is butcher and a greengrocer at a square not too far from my house on Thursday. I started buying my meat, fruit and veggies there and love it, so much more taste. Also found out there’s a poultry on Friday at the closest grocery store and I buy my poultry there.
    We have a kind of farmer’s market here too but it’s on Saturday and I don’t want to spend my Saturday’s on shopping.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sunday, May 1, 2016: Mishmash

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