What I ate Wednesday

I guess this isn’t just Wednesday, but these are the meals I have been eating. I am fairly in a routine and tend to eat a lot of the same meals. Sometimes when you are busy you just fall back on the stand-by meals, right? I did try a new breakfast pancake:


I used the Bisquik Heart Smart:

  • 1/4 Bisquik mix
  • 5 grams protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon egg whites
  • dash of cinnamon (or multiple dashes, I like a lot)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of almond milk

Just mix it all together. The milk you can add enough to get the batter to pancake consistency. I cooked it as one big pancake 😀  Topped with the apple topping I like to make so much.

We were at Panera Bread with my folks on Sunday and instead of my usual bagel, I got the Power Oats. It is steel cut oats with quinoa:


This was pretty good, actually. Makes me want to cook more quinoa. Which we have, I just haven’t cooked it.  <—– lazy.

Lots of yogurt for lunch with cereal and fruit. I use plain Fage as the flavored yogurts are too sweet for my liking.


I am on a ground chicken train for dinner lately. If I buy a pound of ground chicken, I am the only one that will eat it, so that means at least 4 meals in the week will have the chicken:


That’s laughing cow on top. I just mashed it on there with a fork. Food stylist I am not.

If it’s not chicken, it’s usually eggs:


I think I mentioned this one before, we did a stir fry with some of these:


I cooked up some stir fry frozen vegetables and we put it on top of rice.


These were actually good for fake meat. 😀  It’s nice when John and I cook together and eat the same thing. I don’t care for the meat analogues very much (John does) and I like a lot of protein, so I still eat meat.  Not to mention I like meat, although I do eat vegetarian frequently.

It’s warmer weather now, so we walk downtown for Friday night beverages. This last time we split a flight, which is five 4 oz beers. So you only end up with about 10 ounces, but it’s fun. I don’t usually want a whole pint anyway.


And there is still the bagel.


This was from this morning. The baker ran out of regular sesame seeds, so I got a half black and half white! I think they probably gave this one to me since I’m a regular there and don’t care. It’s a yin-yang bagel.

Lots of riding, too:


So that’s what I’m eating!

If you want to see a peek of how the garden path is doing, I did a post on my garden blog.

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6 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday

  1. Helen

    I have a few things I keep in rotation for breakfast and lunch simply because they are the easiest things to tote to work. Dinners I try to vary because if I get food boredom, I’m more likely to go looking for extras that I do not need.

    I think your bagel place should keep that bagel on the menu lol!

  2. debby

    Good grief–you reminded me of something I used to make all the time, and had completely forgotten about–the steel oats/quinoa combo! I will have to make that again. As I recall, it keeps well in the fridge, so once you spend the time making it, you’ve got three more “instant” meals ready to go.
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden

  3. Fran

    If there’s no chicken or broccoli or eggs I would worry about you 🙂

    My breakfast on weekdays is almost every day yogurt with fruit and cereal.

    I often bring lunch to work, today I made a Greek salad that I brought. I always make two portions of my lunch for 2 days.

    Dinner, well no need to explain my dinners to you, you see it often enough.

    I do want to try my chicken the way you make it. Just plain grilled chicken is kind of boring, this is a nice spicy touch.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Sardinia May 2016, part 2

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