Maine trip!

John and I took a quick trip this weekend over to Maine for a little getaway. It was nice to get out of town. Not that I mind working on our house on the weekends because I like to, but that means I don’t always relax since I can always find something to do.

Of course, part of the fun of a trip is stopping along the way in interesting places. Well, this was a tiny bit out of the way, but totally worth it.  King Arthur Flour campus in Norwich, Vermont.


We have been here before and that’s why we came back! It’s a school and retail shop all in one.


There are viewing areas to see what they are making that day.  In this one, the back person is doing pizzas and the front ones are panning bread:


In another window we saw this:


At first we thought it was some kind of pastry dough, but the we realized that is butter!  They make their own croissant/puff pastry dough and they feed flats of butter into a big folder with sheets of dough.

Here is a worker smoothing the butter into a mold.


Then they end up on those trays to be chilled. That’s a lot of butter!

There is the retail shop were you can buy every single mix that they have, plus all kinds of kitchen gadgets and dough enrichments to make the best bread you can at home.


These tins were pretty cool:


There is also the cafe area. They serve breakfast and lunch, plus pastries! Everything is fun looking, too.


We grabbed a couple treats to go and man oh man were these good! Cinnamon puffs:


It was like a coffee cake, but light and melts in your mouth. Yum!

We headed for our next stop, which was Portsmouth. We were really hungry for lunch by this time and stopped at our favorite place whenever going through Portsmouth.


My lunch was cayenne cheddar toast topped with chipotle sweet potatoes, veggie sausage and 2 eggs.


I have to figure out how to recreate this at home.

John got the Greek yogurt pancakes:


These were really good. Infused with orange. Yes, that looks like a lot and it was. John couldn’t finish them.

These meals actually ended up being lunch and dinner since we ate later than usual and these were pretty filling.

Portsmouth is really a great town.


Bridge over to Maine!


I don’t want to overload you with pictures, so I’ll continue with another post.

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16 thoughts on “Maine trip!

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t think there could be a single bad thing there. It would be worth it to drive the hour and a half just to go there as a destination.

  1. Helen

    Fun! I should put the King Arthur tour on my list of things to do if we ever go through there. We tend to go south vs. north but you never know.

    There’s just nothing like truly getting away from work, the phone, household chores.
    Helen´s last blog post ..An Anniversary to Remember: Cape Cod

  2. Shelley B

    A toast restaurant??!! One of my running buddies would be ALL OVER THAT – his love of toast is amusing to the rest of us bagel lovers. The King Arthur visit looks really interesting. How fun that you guys had such a good time on the way to your destination!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Put That Thing Away!

  3. debby

    That King Arthur’s store looks so fun. I could have spent a lot of time there, just looking at everything. Plus the demonstrations are fun to watch too. If I ever go to Maine, that will definitely be on my list of destinations!
    debby´s last blog post ..A Little Garden Report

    1. Lori Post author

      They were doing a a promotion for their home gelato machine (of all things in a bread company). There were samples of that, which I didn’t try, plus one of the persons in the demo area was making the base. In one of the other rooms, you could see a class making what seemed to be lemon bars and it smelled so nice and lemony in the hallway.

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