What’s Blooming!

I am glad the weekend is here. I will be working on Monday, but at least I’ve got a weekend. 😀

It’s been sooo hot here. July/August hot.  Everything is now all greened up.  I’ve been working on the back yard beds now. The main bed is pretty much weed free, but I need to get control of the rest of the area around the trees and where the fence was.


I spent time delineating the bed edges. It looks better from afar than up close, though LOL.  Our neighbor has a line of plants that she had along the fence, so that’s kind of nice to see.

The Lily of the Valleys are in full bloom now and when the sun hits them, the scent wafts around.


I complain about the LOTV, but I do love them. Just not so many of them. There are plenty of these along with daylilies on the side of the house.


The property line with the neighbor on this side runs down the middle of all the green. It’s mostly shade over here because of trees and our house, so the lilies don’t bloom a lot.

Irises are also blooming! Those on Facebook saw these already. This is the Boysenbery Buttercup:


That one I had at our old house. This is one of the new ones I planted last fall. This is Batik:


isn’t that lovely?  I can’t wait until it multiplies.

My unknown iris types are blooming in the front as well:


Those were the ones I divided last year and sent pieces out to people. Anyone who got them, let me know if they came up for you!

In the back shade bed, the bleeding hearts are really coming along. I love the white ones.bh4

And the red ones. Or pink, I guess:


I have some columbine planted as well. One isn’t blooming, but one is. It’s funny how when you buy a baby plant, they will sometimes put out baby blooms. This is called Winky Blue:


It’s so tiny and cute, about an inch across.

I’ll have more irises next week once they open up. It’s going to be a little hot to be working much in the garden and we are going for an early long ride tomorrow to beat the heat.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Weekend!


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12 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks! We are liking it more and more without the fence. If we do put on up, it will be something like wrought iron that you can see through.

    1. Lori Post author

      LOL – I love the LOTV, but after digging up mats and mats of it just to get to the layers of ivy roots, it’s too much.

  1. Helen

    Your gardens are lovely. I swear every single time I see a really put together garden now, I think of you. You might have missed your calling. Other than the fact that you couldn’t work from home, you really should be working in a garden center or landscaping operation so you could be advising dummies like me! (i.e., I never knew lilies won’t bloom much if they have too much shade!).
    Helen´s last blog post ..Stutter Step

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks. The gardens are such a work in progress that it is sometimes embarrassing to show them. There are times when I have about quit my job to work in a garden center. If only it paid more and was year round LOL!

      Then again, if I was doing all that stuff for everyone else’s garden, would I want to come home and do my own?

  2. Fran

    The irisis are lovely!

    It’s so weird how different the weather can be at different places. Where it’s too hot in your area, it’s too cold here. But temperatures are rising again here to what’s normal for this time of year.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Friday May 27, 2016: Snapshots meals

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