What’s Blooming!

Lots of blooming going on around here now.  Foxgloves:foxglove

This is the one from Debby. The one to the right that is just starting is Pam’s Choice split.  I am really hoping these seed themselves so I have lots of foxgloves. Foxgloves are are classic for a cottage garden.

These are Star of Persia allium:


I love these! The blooms keep getting bigger and rounder, too. It’s hard to get a picture of them because the blooms are airy.  The size of the blooms is about 3-4 inches across? These were bulbs planted in the fall. I will be ordering more for sure!


The tippy pots are starting to grow now. They are planted with allysum and million bells. Hopefully they will trail more. This is the beginnings of a new bed:


The plant at the left is the climbing rose. It’s in its 2nd year, so probably not until next year for it to climb. This bed is where the new path was made.That little Azalea will grow big and strong, hopefully. Now it’s tiny and I have annuals planted in front of it 😀  Eventually it will be 4 feet tall.

Speaking of baby gardens, this is part of the shade garden in the back:


Right behind those hostas is where our fence used to be. Now we just see the weeds behind our neighbor’s house! It doesn’t look that great, so we might need something to block this area. This bed has the heuchera, bleeding heart and columbine in it (and daffodil remains). All baby plants. This will look fuller this summer and next year should be cooking along.

The columbines in this garden are blooming:


I love the spurs on the blooms


Hopefully these will reseed and spread. Or that’s the plan anyway.

Also in this bed, although not shown in the picture above, is the incarvilea, aka flowering fern.


Ferns don’t flower, so this is a misnomer, but the incarvilea look like ferns, don’t they? I got these tubers at the flower show earlier this spring and they actually came up!

This is Brindled Beauty Iris:


For a first year iris, it has a lot of blooms.


The last one to open was Night Ruler. Yes, you do have to say that in Movie Guy voice, too.


It’s such a deep purple and looks black from a distance.


So pretty!  I am happy with all of my new irises this year.  It’s so hard to be patient waiting for the gardens to mature and I am happy to be getting any blooms!



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7 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    You have had such good luck with the iris–they are so beautiful! And the foxglove looks great. My big ones, that did so well this year, are all yellow. I have to find out if that means they are not coming back. I still have some babies coming up. That flowering fern is a beautiful blossom! My columbines self-seeded for quite a while, and then it seemed like some of them reverted to a very small, like original wild-type columbine. Its fun to see your planning for the future.
    debby´s last blog post ..This ‘n’ That

    1. Lori Post author

      I was hoping to see baby foxgloves this year since the one you gave me bloomed last year. All of them are bigger this year, but no baby plants.

      That flowering fern is fun. I hope it is hardy in our zone. Guess I will find out next spring LOL!

  2. anne h

    I love the clay flowerpots all tilted …. do you have a close-up pic or a tutorial about it? Thanks!
    And Happy Birthday!

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