Rosewood Gardens visit

This is what I was going to post about before I went on my rant yesterday.

There is a plant nursery that specializes in David Austin roses and they have a display garden, which I have been wanting to see.  It’s kind of hard to find a free Saturday (they are open Thurs-Sat), but I made time this last Saturday. There wouldn’t have been a long ride anyway because it was a rainy day.  John and I took my mother to see the display gardens.

Rosewood Gardens actually is run from a personal property. She used to do all kinds of perennials, but is now just focusing on the DA roses. 


Luckily the rain stopped and it was just wet while we were here.

There is a beautiful shade garden in the front:


Some day my baby shade garden will be as lush as this.

Right off the back of the house was a rose garden:


There wasn’t a huge display of blooms, which is probably a week away, but I wanted to see the roses and peonies together.  The nice thing about the rain? I was perfect for taking pictures.





There is a perennial garden as well:


Interesting that I have some of the same flowers, but they aren’t even close to blooming even though her property is only 20 miles from mine. This is Baptisia and cat mint:


Her irises are still blooming and I loved this pretty white one:


There are places to sit in the garden:


I loved how the peonies were draping over the bench:


And speaking of peonies, hers were luscious!



The blooms are enormous, too.


One of the best things? The view past the gardens:


How amazing is that? I could sit in one of those Adirondack chairs forever curled up with a book.

The owner was super, super nice, too. She and I talked roses and gardening and it’s so fun to talk to someone with the same passion that you have.  I’m glad I had a chance to go.

On the home front, Pixie has been doing a great job of keeping the squirrels and chipmunks out of the window feeder:


This little guy wasn’t scared at all. I put my camera right up the the window:


Can you hear him? Nom, nom, nom.


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12 thoughts on “Rosewood Gardens visit

  1. debby

    Wow! I know it was a rose garden, but those peonies! I must get one! I think fall is the right time to plant. There is a local peony nursery, and I am going to get there this year!
    debby´s last blog post ..Re-Entry

    1. Lori Post author

      Those peonies were glorious. I wish I had thought to get the name of that particular one. I was too busy taking 100 pictures of it.

  2. Susan

    Such a pretty garden. I just love all the different plants you guys grow in NY.
    Your plants will be just as lush as hers eventually it just takes time.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just love roses.

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