What’s Blooming!

Yay, more blooms this week!  The front bed is just doing its thing now. I planted a couple replacement Agastache since all mine seemed to have died over the winter. Boo. Other than that, I haven’t put anything else in new. Time to just let it grow.

John got some new solar lights for the front. We didn’t want to go with cheap lights in the front, so he spent a little more and got these beautiful copper lights:


Excuse my weeds. I’m a little behind on that front. I’ll have to have him put in the link on Amazon for them.  There are six in a set. The coolest thing is the light pattern at night. It’s almost like a daisy and very pretty!  Now hopefully no one will steal them…

This is year 2 for Fair Bianca. It’s filling out nicely and looking pretty healthy. It has so many buds on it.


You can actually smell the blooms from the driveway. It’s heavenly!


I have a pot of geraniums that is going gangbusters as well.


Isn’t that amazing? You can also see some ant hills forming next to it. Our soil is sandy and the ants really seem to love it. Ugh.

I’ve spent a good amount of time working the shade bed in back. Now it’s starting to look like something.


This is what it looked like when we first moved in:


Much different. Sometimes when you are amidst the weeds, so to speak, you don’t see the progress that has been made.

I did a fun project that I have been wanting to do for a while. One of those pots with spilled flowers. It’s behind the hosta in the picture above.

It needs to fill in, obviously, so hopefully it will look good in a couple weeks.


Here is the post on how I did it.

The shade bed has some blooms. This is Jacob’s Ladder:


The bloom is flopped over, so here it is:


I think it actually gave me a couple seedlings, which would be nice. I always like free plants!

The lupines are still blooming. It seems each plant puts out one big bloom and several smaller ones:


I do find that they are somewhat fragile and I think once the plants get filled in they will support each other more. That’s the border between our house and the neighbor behind the lupines. She has some nice plants there, so it kind of adds to the garden, although the mulch line is a little obvious.

All of the roses are blooming now.  My 100 pound rose:


I actually thought this was dead, but then it came to life. I did lose one rose, but it was the free one I got with an order last year, so it’s all good.

The Enchanted Evening:


Lots of blooms on this one:


Now to be patient and let this fill in.

Waiting is the hardest part – there’s your ear worm! 😀

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    1. Lori Kimble

      My MIL has a bowling ball in her garden and it struck my fancy. Then when I did my first flip house, this bowling ball was in the basement, so I plopped it in my garden.

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