What’s Blooming!

I am so glad it’s Friday.  I’m so tired! I haven’t been in the gardens too much this week, although I did get in a good weeding session to catch up, but I took pictures before that LOL.

Fair Bianca is loaded with blooms:


For a second year rose, this is doing fantastic.  This rose will actually stay on the smaller size, around 3 feet or so. I hope it gets a bit wider than this, but you never know.

The roses in back are doing good and the squirrels haven’t eaten the buds. Maybe that Repel’s All really works. I thought this rose was a goner, but then it started growing one cane on the side.


I hope I can coax it along to grow more.


More of the Enchanted Evening:


I just love the color of it. The buds open a pinky purple and then darken to lavender.

It’s been hot and dry here and the garden has needed to be watered more than I like to do.  I planted 3 hyrdangeas in the new front bed. They are under a canopy of trees and even when it rains, they don’t get a lot of moisture. One of them is doing fine (annabelle) and the other 2 wilt a lot.  This is David Ramsey:


I picked up a couple of these from a big box store and I hope I don’t regret it.  Note the weeds in this picture!  They are gone now.

The flowers on this hydrangea are blue. I’m not sure if they will stay that color because I don’t really work the soil to keep them blue.


Very pretty.

I still haven’t cut down the Star of Persia aliums. I know I should, but they look neat even dried up.


The tops look like fireworks. The rest of the plant looks like a dead squid, though.  I think once the liatris blooms next to it, I will cut them down.

You know how you get plants you weren’t planning on? Last fall I got some of those cheap mums and stuck them in the ground for a fall display. Imagine my surprise when they sprouted this spring!


They are the 2 on the right. The 3 smaller plants to the left are my balloon flowers, which are just starting to get buds.

The supreme canteloupe coneflower is starting to open up.




These are tall cosmos. I should have pinched them back when I got the 6-packs. I also have some cosmos growing that self-seeded from last year. I’m letting those grow.

On the tag end of the foxgloves. I am letting them go to seed to hopefully grow more.


The cleome is starting to bloom as well.


These plants spread lots and lots of seeds and I must have hundreds of baby cleome sprouting. I keep pulling them up and more grow. I let a few stay to fill in some spots, but they aren’t anywhere near blooming. Or even that big! I also have a bunch of self-seeded snapdragons. All you have to do is buy snapdragons once, then deadhead them in the garden and you will have them forever!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    My two hydrangeas used to really wilt in the heat. I don’t know if its because we’ve had a wetter spring, or if its just because they are finally well established–I haven’t seen any wilting this year. I don’t do anything to keep them blue. I wonder if all the pine needles help that?

    None of my cleome seeds sprouted 🙁 I wonder if they don’t like our weather. Otherwise, why wouldn’t the nurseries carry them?

    The alliums look like fairy wands!
    debby´s last blog post ..There’s No Path Back

    1. Lori Post author

      That is strange about the cleome. Their annuals, so I can’t imagine why the wouldn’t grow there. They are super popular here.

  2. Kim

    Ooo, I love that salmon color coneflower. I need to branch out beyond my pink ones. I think I have that same birdbath. Do you do anything to make the water shallower (rocks or anything) for smaller birds, or do they just drink from the side? Just curious.

    1. Lori Post author

      I have a fair number of specialty coneflowers. I love them.

      I don’t do anything with this bird bath, but I have one out back that is just the bottom of a flower pot and there is a rock in that one. The birds pretty much go to all 3 baths I have. All sizes. Goldfinches to crows!

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