Transformation Thursday.

Not my transformation, but  the transformation of our water feature!  We finished it up except for a little fiddling with some rocks, probably, but we are pretty pleased with how it came out. This is what the spot looked like when we moved in:


Lovely, right?  Last year we took down that little wall on the right and I spent time over the summer cleaning up the bed (broken glass, boards, fencing, etc.) with the plan to do the water feature this year. We used all the rocks I dug up from around the perimeter of the property and let me tell you – that was a strength workout on its own.

Here is that spot today:


This view isn’t actually seen very much because  nobody really stands here LOL. I need to scrub the dirt off the bricks there, too. We made the best view showing from the patio:


We’ve been eating breakfast out here and it has been so nice:


Doesn’t do much for making me want to go in and work, though. If you want to see more progress pictures of the making of the water feature, it’s on my garden blog.  It’s going to get to where I am never going to want to leave the house with all we’ve been doing to it!

Last night we took some time for ourselves. There is a trolley that takes you to the lake that leaves about a mile from our house. It only costs $1 to ride it and you don’t have to worry about finding parking in Lake George.  There are free Wednesday night concerts outside, so we hopped on the trolley and rode up.  It was a nice night, even if it was a little hot.


The concert was the John Jorgensen Quintet and they play gypsy jazz in the style of Django Rheinhardt – which I love!!  Here is a 30 second snippet of them.

Very nice night. I brought my phone and caught some pokemon there. I decided to see what the insanity was, so I downloaded the game. I have no idea what I’m doing and have texted my niece to get some help. I do like the picture option! This poke seemed appropriate for me.


It’s fun, but I don’t want to do all that involved stuff. I’m just enjoying catching them.

BTW, if any of you like Thirty-One items, fellow blogger Alissa (who does the Thanksgiving virtual 5K every year) is doing a giveway drawing for jewelry if you make any purchase through her online parties until Saturday. Here is the link to that.

Come back tomorrow night for the garden tour if you want!

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11 thoughts on “Transformation Thursday.

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks! We just wing it a lot of times. We were lucky with this project that it didn’t take a million tries to get it right LOL!

  1. Helen

    What a great improvement to your property! I can see why you’d not want to get to work after sitting out there.

    I didn’t realize you were that close to Lake George!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes. When we moved, it was closer to the lake. It’s 9 miles by bike. I forget how many by car, but about the same or a little less.

  2. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    It looks pretty darn professional. I think once you finish all your outdoor projects you should hire yourself out to fix other people’s yards in the area. I love that picture of your breakfast with the water in the back. It looks to tranquil.

    PS We’ve all known you’re never leaving that house. Ha Ha
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..When it’s NOT the bunnies…

  3. Shelley B

    The water feature came out really nice – you guys did a great job in making a huge change in looks to your yard.

    How cool that you can take the trolley for a buck and go have a fun evening! Love it when towns make it easy for their citizens to enjoy the area.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  4. Biz

    That water feature looks amazing! I am always impressed with your home improvement skills.

    Can you bring your laptop outside and work outside? Not sure how practical that is, but I take my laptop outside under my gazebo and work out there in the mornings it’s not too hot.

    My daughter is talking me into Pokemon Go, but I am not there yet 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..Eggs in Purgatory

    1. Lori Post author

      I’ve thought about it, but it’s hard to see my screen outside. Also, the background noise from the water feature (and neighborhood) is not really conducive to transcription. Maybe I will give it a try.

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