Cookie and horses

Saturday was a perfect riding day. Sunny, not too hot and not very windy.  After lunch, we headed on down to Saratoga.  The ride pretty much looked like this the whole way down:


Other than a jerk driver at one spot, it was an uneventful ride.  The race track is open in Saratoga, which means lots more people! At least during the day more people are at the track. The downtown area gets very crowded with night life.

Enjoy some photos:




These are the ballet shoes around town.  A few years ago, it was horses and there are still some around, like this one:


Lots of sidewalk sales and such. Most of the clothes weren’t really my style and the ones that were pretty much were not in my budget (which is thrift LOL ).


We arrived at our destination, which was Putnam’s market.


Wine in a can? I’m not a wine drinker, but that seems a bit low brow to me 😀

Putnam’s is a specialty food store with a deli and bakery in it.


It was a really hard decision to pick out what i wanted, but I actually had to get a cookie instead of a cupcake because the Ginger Lemon Passion cookie was soooo good the last time I had it.  So that’s what I got.  Soft ginger cookie with a lemon buttercream.


I love this cookie. Love it!  Not to mention how good stuff tastes after riding 20 miles!  Never fear, though, John had the cupcake. This is the chocolate Bavarian cheesecake one:


Deliciously dense and rich. Saturday was also national cheesecake day – so it was appropriate!

I was sad when my cookie was gone, but John bought another one so he could have it at night and he shared it with me <3

We did a little more strolling while I picked up some pokemon.


Super pink limo!


It’s not a Mary Kay limo, but striking nonetheless. The driver stopped to have a cigarette, but I didn’t check to see if it was pink.

Then we stumbled on a new store called Tea and Honey. What a great find! They have tons of teas with sampling along with a room full of many kinds of honey for tasting.


Very cool.  Check out these honey bowls made out of beeswax:


So intricate and beautiful!  I would love to take my in-laws to this place as they love honey things.

It was pretty cloudy, so we started heading back to the bikes. Then we came upon another horse. Real this time:


This picture doesn’t do justice to how massive he is. I knew it was some sort of draft horse, but wasn’t sure what kind. I asked the officer and he said it was a percheron. This horse weighs 2200 pounds! That is a lot of horse.  He was gentle, though, and I gave him some pats.

It actually started to sprinkle a bit and so we booked it out of there since we were 20 miles from home! The sprinkling stopped about 3 miles later, so we were good. We only stopped once on the way home, though.

Good ride! Another 40 miles in the books.


40 miles done. We are in good bike shape now. I have to say I am really noticing my recent weight loss with riding.  It just feels easier and I do notice the saddle differently.

It’s going to be a busy week. I am covering for John’s business at the beginning of the week while he is out of town and trying to hold down the fort on my work. At least I won’t get bored!

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9 thoughts on “Cookie and horses

  1. Shelley B

    I love that beeswax honey bowl – what a gorgeous piece of art!

    Yum to the cookie and John’s cupcake…yummy treats for a long ride. Glad it was such a nice day for you guys to get out on the road.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  2. Helen

    I was looking at the various items in that dessert case and thought, “I’d have the Bavarian Cheesecake Cupcake,” so you know it makes me happy that’s what John had! He is a good doobie to share his cookie with you as well.

    Those beeswax bowls look like pieces of art.

    What a lovely day!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

  3. Barb Kuntz

    What type of biking shorts do you wear? I have a $30 pair and can only ride 10 miles comfortably if you know what I mean.

    1. Lori Post author

      Hi Barb. Part of it is riding a lot consistently to get rid of soreness. I can ride without padded shorts, but a 40 mile ride is definitely more comfortable with them LOL. I have had good luck with the Baleaf brand – These are really comfortable and made for women. They are not expensive either, but the compression is nice. I like the longer shorts length to protect my thighs from the sun, too, but they have other lengths.

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