Lake riding!

It was a good weather weekend here. Saturday was a little too hot and humid for biking, but that gave me a chance to be in the garden and really clean it up as it was starting to get neglected. Got the place ready for company that evening. First chance to show off our new finished water feature, too!

John requested a rum cake for his cake party. Specifically this one.  I would say three words. Make this now.  It’s really, really good!  Of course, my cake didn’t come out of the pan as neatly as the picture on the King Arthur website, but at least it came out in 1 piece!


It’s really an easy recipe. You just need to make sure you have time to let it sit for a day to soak up the rum syrup. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a strong rum taste. Very moist and flavorful.  However, I had a real problem with the fact that there is no frosting on this cake. No frosting! I kept asking John if he wanted a glaze or frosting or something and he said no.  But, he knew I was struggling with the no frosting, so he said I could make something to offer anyone who wanted it with their piece. I made a rum glaze to apply to the cut pieces and I was happy.


The rum cake was a hit. It was a nice night, too.  Our lights are going on the patio:


Sunday was a much better day for biking with lower humidity and temps. We did our usual Sunday breakfast ride of 17 miles and then decided to bike to the lake later for a treat.

Part of the path takes us by a marsh:


I could have used my zoom lens today, but it’s a bit bulky to get in my bike bag.  I would have like a closer shot of the lily pads.


John is waiting patiently here for me to take pictures.


This is that section where they decided to make the path go through some telephone poles. It’s very strange.

The lake was gorgeous today. Just beautiful.


It was also about as crowded as we have seen it. Holy moly!  Do you know how hard it is to get pictures without people in them?   Judicious picture taking and some waiting for a break between people 😀 .


There was a Save the Lake festival going on, which is probably why it was so crowded because locals would be out as well as tourists.

We stopped at Lake George Baking Company for our snacks. I had a black and white cookie!


Plus a big iced coffee.  This shop is about a block off the main drag and they built a little deck off the back to sit at and what a gem that is. Nobody was there and it was shady.


This is going to be one of our go-to spots once tourist season is over. I had to get a closer shot of those petunias, too.








It’s just so pretty.

It was time to head home and get away from all the people!


We ended up with 36 miles for the day, which should help burn off some of that cookie and the rum cake.  I hope  😀

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18 thoughts on “Lake riding!

    1. Lori Post author

      This marsh is pretty cool. I need to come out here with all my camera gear sometime and get some shots other than while on my bike.

  1. Helen

    Everything is just beautiful – I can see why people go vacation there!

    You and the frosting are too funny. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a frosted rum cake lol. One of our favorite cakes is a blueberry pound cake that calls for a lemon glaze and I never make the glaze. I think Mr. Helen would be shocked if I did.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

    1. Lori Post author

      I just love frosting. Seeing as I will eat it without cake, you can tell which is more important to me 😀

    1. Lori Post author

      Our lake really is beautiful. Well, the whole area is, truly.

      I just love frosting. Cakes are good, but for me the frosting is where it’s at 😀

  2. Jenea Mason

    I wish we had a lake that pretty to walk near! We do have a greenbelt path that runs right next to a pretty little river that is nice and peaceful. It makes getting out so much easier when there’s a pretty view to entice you.

    1. Lori Post author

      I do take it out sometimes and did with that ride. I have a new case to protect it in the bike bag, which I should take a picture of.

  3. Dawn

    Hi Lori 🙂 boy it’s been a long time since my last visit but I think of you often 🙂 Marie (she’ll be 15 years old next month, hard to believe) loves to take pictures of flowers and as we were looking through her THOUSANDS of pictures it made me think of you and your love of flowers 🙂 Looks like things are going great in your neck of the woods 🙂 and you and John are still getting in your great rides 🙂 My walking buddy has started biking and I’m thinking about trying it though I would definitely need to start out on bike trail not the road as I’m a chicken lol. Anyway, good to come by and see all your pictures always makes me smile 🙂 Hugs, Dawn

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