Thursday things

Goodness time gets away from me and I’ve been neglecting my part of the internets. Not really a lot exciting happening around here, though.

Lisa asked me if I took my good camera on bike rides.  I do sometimes. It depends a little on where we’re going and if I have room in my bike bag. I did receive a nice case (my link) to be able to protect the camera in my bag for my birthday. This is neoprene and stretches out. I don’t have it on quite snug enough in this shot, but it suited the purpose for riding.case8-11

It’s inexpensive, too.  It’s long enough that I could use my 70-300 lens in it, but that lens won’t fit very well in my bike bag.  At least it beats the bubble wrap I was using before!

On another shopping note — we are gearing up for football season around here. I was bummed the HOF game was canceled. I know it’s just preseason, but we’ve been waiting months! Anyway, I guess I am a sucker for targeted ads on Facebook.  When these came across my screen, I clicked and bought.



It’s actually very cute and I can interchange with any kind of 20 mm snap I want, so it doesn’t have to be just football. I love this.

How about a lazy meal, but kind of fun?  This is one of those Bird’s Eye steamer meals. It’s actually Star Wars.


That’s supposed to be yoda, I think? The package picture seemed more like yoda instead of pasta blobs with ears 🙂   This was okay and fine for a quick dinner, but not sure I would get it again.

On a good note, I am almost at my Ireland goal. Just 1.5 pounds to go.  I’ve been working hard at it this summer, but also being smart.  Daily ride:


This ride took me just under an hour as my average speed was 12.8 mph.  I’ve learned that an hour of exercise is good for weight loss. More than that and I start to get too hungry and will eat back too many calories.  Long ride days, whatever, but the every day is what’s important.

I’ve been back stirring the soap cauldron this week.  I have a show I’m doing in September and it’s a big one – and expensive to get in, so it had better be good.  I am topping off my inventory and adding a couple new soaps.  Since soap has to cure, I have to make it well in advance.

Newly made is Bay Rum and Lime.  Something for the men, even though I hate gender labeling.


Freshly cut and stamped. I still need to clean them up a little bit, but that happens after they harden up.  I’m bringing in more soap to the store in the Shirt Factory this weekend. Lemongrass is the popular one there and they are almost out.

I have some tall plants in the garden this year.  My cardinal flowers in the back are way taller than I expected!  Me for reference.  Last year when I put these in the ground, they were only a few inches tall and stayed that way all season. First year sleeping indeed.


The hummers love these.

Anyone watching Perseid this week?  It’s actually perfect for my type of insomnia, which is falling asleep easily, but waking up a couple hours later. However, I’m not having insomnia right now. Is that irony?  It’s supposed to be clear tonight, so we’re thinking of getting up to watch some.  Maybe I will try to take some pictures, although meteors are harder than moon pictures.  We’ll see if we get up 😀

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4 thoughts on “Thursday things

  1. Lisa

    Thanks for the response! I take my good camera on hikes but have yet to take on the bike because I don’t have a great option for protecting it. The link you posted looks like it’s pretty good! Do you have a bag that attaches to your bike? I would use small backpacks and it’s ok for light-ish things but not for 40+ miles! Ouch!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Books #10

  2. Helen

    Interesting what you’ve discovered about your riding/eating connection. I learned long ago that for runners to lose weight, they cannot be training for a marathon. It requires too much refueling to be able to do the extra training. Maybe that’s why I haven’t run one in some years lol!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Catching Up: Running and Other Summer Stuff

  3. Fran

    Till last week I brought my Nikon on my daily walks. But I got a new phone the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the photos are so much better than with the S5 and sometimes even better than with the Nikon. Now on daily walks I bring my phone (which I already did) and save the Nikon for hikes and other special occations.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Hike #19, Friday, August 12, 2016: Groene Wissel Maarn

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