What’s Blooming!

Some plants in the garden really love the heat and humidity.  My mums exploded even bigger.


These are going to look amazing when they bloom.  It’s about time to buy some more. They are now in stock at nurseries.  I’m thinking of putting them in my tippy pots.

My hyrdrangea back there needed some propping up.


I think I might cage it next spring to help it stay higher.

In the spring, none of my agastache came back. However, I did notice little volunteers and I decided to let those grow.  I have a big clump of them now:


That looks like one plant, but it’s a bunch.  I will separate them out when it’s cooler and plant them around the back and here in the front.  This is a cool bloom color, too.


The last of the lilies are open now. They were nice this year.  Very tall, too. Probably 4 feet!


They need stronger staking next year, mental note to myself.

The gourds are coming along nicely. Check out this vine, though!


I keep winding it around because I don’t want it to get tangled in my other plants or go onto the front stoop.


Isn’t it funny that the vine is strong enough to hold this up against the house?  I don’t know how big these will get. I imagine not much bigger than this because I know I only had small gourds last fall.

As fall approaches, the sedums start to bloom. This is firecracker:


I’m also surprised at how long my foxgloves are blooming. I kind of thought they would be done by now, although the stems are very droopy. The bees love them.


I know I posted the passion flower earlier in the week, but it deserves sharing again. I have the vine twining up by the garage.


Fastened with green floral ties!  Classy, I know.


I just love these. I think this is the bloom of the summer for sure. There is also a red one, which I might get next year.  I am thinking about bringing this pot in for the winter and seeing if I can baby it to live another year.

In the back, my baby Joe Pye Weed is opening up.


The ‘wild’ Joe Pye Weed is really tall, like 6 feet tall, so that doesn’t work in my garden. However, they have come out with a Baby Joe which is about 3 feet. I was happy to find that at my local nursery.   I also have empty space there that needs plants.  Gee, the hardship of shopping for plants! At least I got some mulch down so I don’t have to weed it!


Joe Pye is a butterfly magnet. We actually had a swallowtail today in the garden!

One last shot of the Black-Eyed Susans downtown.


En masse planting!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. Debby

    I really love the gourds! And I love the green center on the Lily. And of course I love the passion flower. I have a few baby foxgloves blooming, but I am looking forward to next spring. I should have a nice display of them, and I’m hoping to have a variety of colors.
    Debby´s last blog post ..Summer’s Bounty

  2. Helen

    You have such a nice variety of flowers to enjoy!

    Seeing mums and other fall displays in the store, already, when I feel like it’s still summer, makes me feel a bit melancholy. While I enjoy fall it always signals the dreaded winter to me so I’m never very excited about it.
    Helen´s last blog post ..A Tortuous Long Run and A Weekend Getaway

    1. Lori Post author

      I try to pick plants so that there will always be something in bloom all season.

      I hate the rushing of the seasons. Let me enjoy what’s in the here and now.

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