What’s Blooming!

One thing I try to do with my garden is to always have something in bloom.  This is the easier part of the year to design that. It’s mid spring that is the hard part.  Lots of plants still blooming now, even though some are looking tired.


I have one of these Black-Eyed Susans in front and one in back. I am hoping they will give me baby plants. I had 2 last year and they didn’t give me any, but I got a different cultivar this time.

Mushroom peeking out!


I leave the liatris for some interest right now. I’ll cut it down when the foliage starts to look bad.

I was very surprised to see another bloom pop out on the balloon flowers:


I had cut the tops back after the blooms were gone. Not sure if there will be others, but that would be nice. The blue is such a beautiful color.

Snapdragons everywhere.


I’ve always loved the snapdragons. It’s surprising to me how many seedlings I get from these even though I mulch. I’m okay with that, though.

In the back the potted plants are looking a little tired. I think the Black Satin really could use a hair cut.


It’s getting quite leggy.  I just hate cutting off the blooms, even though I know it will come back and look better.

The hydrangea tree out back really flopped over with the last rain because the blooms are enormous.


I apologized to my neighbor the other night because some of the branches have flopped into her coneflowers, but she said she really likes how it looks and people think they are hers LOL.

See how big the blooms are?


This has to weigh almost a pound, especially when it’s wet.

Zinnias and Baby Joe Pye Weed:


I would probably do zinnias from seed again. Not starting them indoors, but just putting them in the soil.  They were pretty easy.

The bees love the Baby Joe.


There was another surprise in the back this week. One of my columbines bloomed again!


The others that I have kind of died back to the ground and this one just shot up some stalks. It’s such a unique flower.


It’s almost time to start moving plants around. The end of summer comes so fast.

It should be good riding weather this weekend and I have a hankering for a cupcake! It’s been a while.  Have a great one!

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6 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

  1. debby

    Ooh, the columbine! I need to invest in some new ones next year. Maybe fall planting will be good? Gotta check that out. I’m going to put some kind of basket support on my hydrangea that’s like that one next spring before it gets all rangy and floppy again. I love the blooms! I hate cutting back the petunias too, but they always look better for it, once I make myself do it.
    debby´s last blog post ..In The Garden–What Season Is It?

  2. Fran

    Lovely as always!

    We used to have only Spring plants in our garden and last year we asked our gardener to put in some plants that bloom in Summer and now we have more flowers in both seasons.

    The same happened to my hydrangea. I have noticed it bloomed twice this year. First white flowers and now I have pink flowers. So pretty.

    1. Lori Post author

      My hydrangeas are the late blooming ones, although I think the new ones I got are earlier. Guess I will find out next year 😀

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