Cupcake riding

It’s been a while since we did a cupcake ride. I know you all missed it 😀  So did I!  The weather was a little hotter than we would have liked, but no rain was forecast.  We did have to get a project underway before we left.  Chores first, right?


We had our driveway paved just about a year ago and it needed to cure before sealing, so it was time.  That was the project for the morning, complete with an extra trip to the hardware store in the middle — like any project requires 😛

We were sweating away and working when a woman pulled over and called me over. She said she was glad to finally catch us outside because she wanted to let us know she loved the work we have done on the house. Another random stranger comment on our house!  It’s kind of weird feeling sometimes how much people pay attention to what you’re doing and you have no idea.

Then it was off to Saratoga after lunch while the driveway dried.  Like I said, it was sunny and hot – 88 degrees, but sometimes some fluffy clouds blocked the sun, which was very much appreciated! I had also liberally applied 50 SPF sunscreen. We had a few shady spots, like this one:


The option was on the table to turn around and go home if it got too hot, but those periodic clouds really helped.

Our sweaty selves arrived just fine.  I always bring a hat because helmet hair is never a good look.


At 48, I don’t really have much in the way of wrinkles yet (good genes); however, my forehead crease makes up for that LOL. Too many years of squinting in the sun, I guess.

We were ready for cupcakes and iced coffee!  We stopped at Parkside Eatery.  I was taking a picture of my cupcake and the owner came out and asked if I was the blogger who biked and ate cupcakes.  Yes, that’s me 😀

We ended up getting 3 cupcakes as they aren’t really big. We each had our own and split the other one.


Chocolate for John, of course. We split the carrot cake one.

I had peanut butter:


I love any and all nut or nut butter products.  Especially in frosting form.

We relaxed for a while, but then realized that by the time we biked home – it would be dinner time!  You forget sometimes that it’s about 1 hour and 40 minutes each way,  Another layering of sunscreen and we headed home. No picture taking as we were cruising and making good time.


41 miles. It’s that time of year where we have good bike form and riding feels good even at long distances.

We arrived home to our freshly sealed driveway ready for foot traffic.


No car for 24 hours. I love how it looks. It’s a shame it can’t stay this way forever 😀

It seems that I am always working on a project and now I’m experimenting making a portable backdrop to take to my show in 3 weeks (ack!!). I’m hoping my idea works.


I also spent time with my mom at Lowe’s picking out stuff to redo their kitchen. For their 50th anniversary, John and I gifted them with the labor to redo their kitchen.  Along with putting in a dishwasher, we are doing countertops, paint, and lighting.  This is the countertop sample along with what will be the tile backsplash.


The tile is more white than the picture shows and has some sparkle pieces in it.  I actually am thinking about incorporating that into our upstairs bathroom remodel that hopefully will this winter some time.

I am really needed our vacation in 4 weeks, I must say.

Last gratuitous shot of Pixie doing her best job:


She’s a champ at relaxing. My goal is to be like that when I relax.

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13 thoughts on “Cupcake riding

  1. debby

    “complete with an extra trip to the hardware store in the middle — like any project requires “–cracked me up. When my grandpa and dad used to work on repairs and stuff, there was ALWAYS a trip to the store in the middle. I just thought they were unorganized. Then when I started doing stuff around the house (with my helpers, of course 🙂 ) there are always trips to the hardware store in the middle. Its good to hear that its not just my family!

    Yikes, riding in 88 degrees–you definitely deserved a cupcake for that one! I like the tile your mom picked out, and yes, it is so nice to have something brand new and unmarred like the driveway. I am always a little sad when they start to look worn.
    debby´s last blog post ..A Little Adventure and Some More Flowers

  2. Lisa

    Thankfully Lowe’s is a 2 minute drive from our house because we make MULTIPLE trips there during projects. LOL
    Your cupcakes look so good!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Glamping

  3. Donna Thomson

    Lori…just want to say that your posts always brighten my day!! Living about 10 minutes from you it is great to keep up with all our area’s beauty!!

    1. Lori Post author

      I will take before and after pictures of that. I feel like I am more famous for cupcakes and bagels than losing a lot of weight LOL

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