What’s Blooming!

Late post tonight. I was busy and I almost forgot about my favorite post of the week!

The gourds are cooking along out front. There are 6 to 8 of them and new flowers keep showing up every day. The vine keeps growing and growing. I just curve it around stuff. I guess it won’t stop until frost. Here is the finished gourd size:


Maybe 6 inches?  They are cute. Nothing is eating them yet, either, knock on wood.

I have some baby agastache that grew from seed. The parent plants didn’t make it, but lot of babies did. This is the tangerine dream:


I am going to move these around to various places and see how many survive. I was disappointed that the parent plants didn’t make it through the winter, but maybe the babies will be hardier.

I gave my cosmos a hair cut a couple weeks ago and they seemed to like that. More flowers now.


Another passion flower:


So flipping cool!

At the flower show in the spring, I bought some tubers that they called Japanese wonder flowers or something like that. They really are just 4 o’clocks given a fancy name. I planted them and they are blooming!


I have yellow ones, too, but they weren’t open. You have to catch them early in the morning or in the evening as they close during the sunny part of the day.

I actually had more luck with seeds than I thought this year.  I planted some butterfly weed and got 4 plants to come up.


Cross your fingers, no aphids as of yet. This plant tends to get the aphids.

Dragonfly sunning himself on the hydrangea.


This was early morning and he was getting warmed up.

Zinnias and Joe Pye are going strong:




A lone swallowtail has been coming around the garden. Very few butterflies this year. 🙁

Foxgloves are still blooming. I didn’t know they bloomed for so long.


And a couple coleus shots for leaf color.




I am going to start moving plants in the next couple of weeks. Plus I might have a few arriving from the catalogs 😀

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. debby

    That butterfly weed is a beautiful color. I keep getting little foxglove blooms, but they are all baby stalks. They are pretty weak, and tend to fall over if I water on top of them. Still nice to see them though!
    debby´s last blog post ..Outside the Garden

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