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Saturday I needed to have a relaxing ride. After a really crappy Friday morning, riding was necessary. John was out of town, so I was solo riding.  I would have liked to go to Saratoga, but I had so much stuff to do that it had to be a shorter ride.

bike9-4To the lake it is. I did question that decision as I got closer because it was a holiday weekend. There were a lot of tourists.  Not so on the early  part of the ride.

Country Club:


I always have a mild fear going down this section of road because you can hear people whacking the golf balls and I am just waiting for the day one hits me LOL!

Nice shady part to the path.


There are historical markers along the way, but we are usually just whizzing past them. On this day, I stopped wherever I felt like.


As I got to where the path end at the village, there were orange cones everywhere and then I saw people with bibs on. There was some kind of event, possibly a triathlon because I saw racks and racks of bikes by a finish line.  I figured I would take a picture on my way back out, but the race was over and they were tearing down by the time I left.

Meanwhile at the lake:  This is what Lake George looks like from an aerial view.


There is an acoustical anomoly right here. If you stand where the X is in the above picture and face the lake, when you make sounds it resonates right back to you off the circular stone walls. We haven’t done this yet. Maybe some time when nobody is around. 😀


It kind of makes you want to run down that and jump in, doesn’t it?  I had a mission though, and that was a treat!

The village of Lake George is a mix of the beautiful and the tacky with stores like this:


Stay klassy, Lake George…

I stopped at The Lake George Baking Company and picked up an almond cookie then grabbed a cup of coffee. I found a nice shady spot with a view:



Then I meandered a bit.  Some of the beaches are closed right now. It’s usually some kind of high E coli or some other bacteria level that does that.


Wave hi to the Adirondacks!


Back around to home. This part of the ride is my favorite section.

fav9-4Rocky section:


It really annoys me that people feel the need to deface stuff.

It felt really good to be in that shady part and there were very few people.  Then back to open path:


And home sweet home:


Nice 20 mile ride on the day.


I was quite a bit on the go and ended up walking 5 miles this day as well! I was surprised when I checked my phone at the end of the day.  It’s that time of year where my legs are in great endurance shape and rides feel great (and walking, too).

That was the “me” time of the weekend.


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10 thoughts on “Path ride

    1. Lori Post author

      We have had decent rain this year, so it’s still green, although now it is pretty dry and no rain forecast, so the lawn is going to get crispy. We are lucky to have nice paths. We do road ride a lot, but that isn’t as interesting as the paths 😀

  1. Leah

    This new park I went for a walk in today has a great shady area of the path, but I found myself being a scaredy cat as i walked through. ::rolling eyes:: Isn’t that silly, because it was so neat! It’s supposed to be a nature reserve of sorts and looks like they city used to offer tours or nature classes there. I hope the leaves change, because that will be very pretty.

    I also am annoyed when people deface stuff. :/
    Leah´s last blog post ..My Current Views

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