Feeling like fall

The weather sure has turned here this week. The overnight lows have gotten into the upper 40s!  That’s pretty chilly. I’m going to have to bring in my passion flower soon and see if I can get it through the winter.

Time for warm breakfasts:


Oat bran. I cook this with a mashed banana and whisk in egg whites. It’s very filling.

I had to dress a lot warmer for my ride today.  I was out getting my hair cut last night and stopped at Peter Harris (aka Label Shopper) and they had fleece tights for 99 cents. 99 cents!  So I grabbed a pair to wear under my bike shorts:


Riding in style 😀

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon dealing with credit card stuff.  I got a fraud alert text on my phone about a charge for $790 from Apple.  Um… no. This is the only card that I use. I pay it off each month and collect the rewards on it.  So, I logged in (even though I did last night) and sure enough, there were 5 unauthorized charges. Apple, Nordstroms, (laughing as anyone who knows me knows I would never shop at Nordstoms). Plus Uber and Lyft. So, I got the card cancelled and then had to go and change all of my automatic payments to something else.  So freaking annoying and it makes me angry that some jackass is just trying to steal stuff. Ugh.  Obviously somewhere I shopped got hacked.

Anyway, the football picks have started and I lost the first week. Boo. So, John chose his dinner at Cooper’s Cave.  They are a local brewery and ice cream shop. I haven’t had the beer, but the ice cream is yummy!  The restaurant sits right on the bike path about 1/2 mile from our house so we walked down. First time eating food there, too.  I loved the decor:



Malt vinegar on the table:


John had falafel tacos and I cobbled together a meal with sides and soup. I didn’t feel like a big entree. I got the steamed veggies, a slice of cornbread and buffalo chicken soup:


I like Dizzy Chicken’s soup better, but this was quite good.  The veggies were pretty buttery for being steamed, I have to say, but it was a nice big bowl and I ate them all.  We definitely want to come for happy hour some time and try a beer.

It was time to do some harvesting at Radiance Manor. Our decorative gourds:


They are really cute. I left one on the vine still as it was smaller. There are other flowers on the vine, so we might get a couple more before frost if we’re lucky.

Cool night and we are going to relax by the fire pit!

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9 thoughts on “Feeling like fall

  1. Helen

    Well, you know the cooler temps make me sad. But I decided last night as I had to close windows in the house because I was cold, that I’m buying a fire pit of some sort to see if I can extend patio time on the weekends a bit.

    Your gourds are adorable! Are you going to decorate with them?
    Helen´s last blog post ..Runner’s High

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, some sort of fall thing. We had one gourd that looked like this last year and now we will have at least 6! Like rabbits 😀

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