Jazz at the lake

Every year in September is the jazz festival. It’s for 2 days and 4 groups play each day.  They do a great job with some stellar entertainment and it is free to attend!  Very generous benefactors.  We decided to see a couple of the groups and headed on up by bike.  There was a lot of traffic headed to the outlet mall!


That snakes back aways and the light is behind me here. Good thing we can ride on over this.  It was a beautiful day. Pretty windy, but the temps were nice.


The concerts are held outdoors if the weather cooperates.


Brubeck Brothers:


The crowds were great, too!


After that, it was time for a treat!


One of our favorite places to go in Lake George. Everything is so good there.  I chose a black and white cookie, only the white was caramel!


Guess that makes it a Black and Tan. 😀  John had a napoleon, which I didn’t get a picture of, but really good (and messy).

We then bike down to my parents’ house to feed Boo while they were gone.


“Why you take my picture, lady?”

Then he got some loving:


Then a short 5 miles to home.  Days are getting shorter! Eeek!  Ended up with just about 29 miles on the day:


The other group we wanted to see didn’t play until after dark, so we couldn’t bike back to the lake.  It was weird to go there via car LOL.


This last group was called the Divas and it was an all-women big band group.


Very, very good. It would be really nice if this wasn’t a thing and women jazz players made up half the groups out there as a norm.  Someday.

It was really great to relax this weekend, which I actually did!

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  1. Helen

    What a wonderful thing to be able to do for the cost of cycling over!

    I’m pretty sure in the past couple of days I heard a weather person say we are losing 41 minutes of daylight per day right now. Boo!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Runner’s High

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