Post vacation weigh-in

Wednesdays are my weigh-in days. I was not sure what the scale would say after a week in Ireland eating whatever – and a lot of it. I don’t really care too much about any weight gain from vacations because it’s worth it.  😀 Normally I gain a fair amount of weight after vacations and I would have been happy with anything under a 5 pound gain, but I was pleasantly surprised to see only a 1 pound gain!

I’m sure some of that is because there was a lot of walking, but John was thinking maybe the food was just less processed over there (or at least where we were eating).  Breakfast for me all week included porridge, believe it or not.


Some days I had eggs as well. I had no interest in the full Irish breakfast of bacon, ham, sausage, baked beans and whatever else.  My breakfasts were much bigger than normal and I swear the B&B hosts were not comfortable with what we ate (John being a vegetarian) thinking it wasn’t enough. LOL Along with the oats, there was brown bread and toast with butter and jam, plus eggs, fruit, yogurt and cereal to choose from. A much, much bigger breakfast than at home, and a lot of butter LOL. I have to say that I really enjoyed the Irish butter and I might be suckered in to buying the Kerrygold brand here.

We walked a lot, too.  Here are the mile breakdowns each day

9/24 (travel day)  1.5 miles

9/25 – 6.5 miles

9/26 – 7.7 miles

9/27 – 7.1 miles

9/28 (a rainy blustery day) 3.5 miles

9/29 – 9.1 miles (we were really tired that day LOL )

9/30 – 8.8 miles

10/1 – 5.5 miles

10/2 (travel day) 1.6 miles

That’s a lot of walking.

We had dessert every day and sometimes another sweet. Ireland does great sweet things!


The above was a napoleon type of dessert with a coffee frosting, and yes, it was as amazing as it looks!

My focus now is to lose the 1 pound and then not gain weight for the fall and holidays. I love eating all the fall foods, so this will be a challenge. I can have things, just not every day.

Still working on pictures. I took so many!

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9 thoughts on “Post vacation weigh-in

  1. Judy

    Northern Ireland also enjoys sweets. Every time they served tea, there was a selection of several sweet things. I was being billeted so my experiences were slightly different from yours. Great memories!

  2. Helen

    You guys sure did to a whole lot of walking! I’m glad you thoroughly enjoyed your vacation food.

    As you know I also eat whatever I want on vacation and sometimes have even lost weight. I think the stress relief of getting away from it all maybe regulates the food more than I realize.
    Helen´s last blog post ..And the Next Thing You Know, It’s been a Month

    1. Lori Post author

      You hear that you don’t go to Ireland for the food, but let me tell you – it was delicious! Some places had “normal” portion sizes and a couple places had US size portions. You never knew which would come LOL.

  3. lisa

    Nice job! Like you, I like to enjoy my vacation and not be as strict with food. Part of that is continuing to exercise. I tend to be just as active, if not more, on vacation. Like when we go to Vegas, I still work out in the hotel gym and then I do a TON of walking. Probably 10 miles a day! You think things are closer than they are in Vegas. 🙂
    lisa´s last blog post ..Feast PDX

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