The Burren and Poulnabrone

Welcome back to my travelogue! LOL.  I hope you enjoy the Ireland posts, and there will be a few more.

One thing about Ireland that we wanted to make sure we experienced was the scenery and landscape.  That was part of the reason we decided to nix Dublin from our trip this time around as it is pretty metropolitan, other than just too much driving.

Anyway, we took a drive to the Burren as shown below.


The Burren is an area of limestone landscape formed by glaciers and has its own ecosystem. There are also ruins and ancient sites within it. It really covers a huge area and one could certainly spend a day or two just hiking the Burren. It sort of looks like a moon surface, although with plants LOL.


Where all that greenery is growing are crevices. I had a death grip on my phone because you don’t really know how deep some of those cracks are!


The exposed rocks are called clints  and the crevices are called grikes. Just in case you get on Jeopardy. 😀


There are some farms in the Burren where cattle graze:


People made those stone walls, obviously. I don’t know if that keeps the cattle in place or not.

We came to this particular area to see one of the more famous dolmen called the Poulnabrone, which is a stone megalith.


In my mind when thinking about this as a megalith, I had pictured this to be enormous. It looks like it in this picture, but it’s really only about 6 feet tall!  It’s dated to around 3600 BC.  I think this is probably the oldest thing I have ever seen created by people.


I can’t imagine how they got that capstone on there. It’s one of those things we will never know. The Poulnabrone is a portal tomb and excavations have found bones in the area surrounding the stone.

This stone probably fell down at some point in time and probably would have been sort of the back of the tomb:


It’s very cool. I think this would be another must see site on a trip to Ireland.






On a fun note, we got stopped by cows leaving the Burren:


They weren’t in any hurry, either 😀

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10 thoughts on “The Burren and Poulnabrone

  1. deb

    I’m so enjoying seeing your travel photos Lori! Keep them coming!!! I could see the ropes in place but to me it would have been cool to walk thru that portal…. i mean .. you never know… or maybe i’ve been reading /watching too much Outlander…lol Hugs! deb
    deb´s last blog post ..Good Morning All…………

  2. debby

    I’ve never seen the Burren with those crevices. So interesting!

    We have some of those dry stone fences in our county. I always love seeing them. They are crumbling a bit like the one in the photo.
    debby´s last blog post ..A Little Garden News

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