Corn Maze!

We were looking for a group outing this weekend and ended up choosing a corn maze.  We did one about 5 years ago and had a good time. This year we went to Schuyler Farms to try theirs.

It’s amazing to me how big and complex the mazes are.  This is an aerial view of our maze:




Our welcoming host:


Come on in!


There was a phone number on our tickets to call if you got lost.  We split into 2 groups, the teens and the adults.  Of course, the girls finished before we did even though we ran into them a couple times.


Lots of twists and turns. We just kept going in circles over and over again coming up to this bridge.


It was no help to be up here because you couldn’t see the paths LOL!


Wait up!


This maze is open at night and is a haunted maze. There are some props and things around the maze.


John going into the slaugherhouse:


Uh oh:


We entered.

Rickety bridge:


Once we got through the first part, the rest of the maze went a lot faster and we finally made it out!


We ended up walking 2-1/2 miles through the maze! That was a lot of walking.  It was really fun. We need to do them every year.

Schuyler Farms has other things to do along with the maze. You can pan for gems:


Visit the petting zoo:


Hey lady, where is the food???


And the sweetest young cow:


Isn’t it the cutest thing?? Eeeee!

You can pick up pumpkins and gourds as well.


It was a great day. Really windy, but at least all the rain was gone from Saturday.

Until next year corn maze!


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12 thoughts on “Corn Maze!

  1. Helen

    I’ve never done a maze – always been afraid my claustrophobia would kick in if I stuggled to get out. Yours looks so fun though – what a great fall family activity.

  2. Shelley B

    That looks like fun! I’ve never been to a corn maze but I’m relieved to hear you can call for help – it’s huge and I know I’d get lost for sure, LOL.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Just Be Nice

  3. debby

    The baby cow with the big black spot on his nose is darling! I’ve never been to a corn maze, and it amazes me that it is so huge–you walked 2 1/2 miles!!! What a fun family day.
    debby´s last blog post ..The Two Hour Mile

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